Eskie Brothers!

Good luck Eskimos for the cross over nothing would please me a Stamp fan more then to see you guys get a cross over spot. Good Luck!

i agree!

get the cross-over and make sure those damn argos dont make the playoffs!!!

I think that may be the way to go anyway. I think the Esks would have an easier time playing, TO or MTL to get to the Grey cup then BC or Calgary.

so you think...

[b]Hell has officially frozen over.

I'd love nothing more than to see an Eskimo vs Calgary GC...Only problem is you guys are supposed to represent the East.

Cowtown was the better team this year. I wish the zebras hadn't played the role they did in the last game, but...It is what it is. You won...We lost...Congrats.

Thanks for your wishes, old friend.

May the best team win it all.[/b]