Esk vs. Riders Game Day!

Gonna need more of that from the D for this to be a win!

Who would have thought Kitwana would have 2 TDs this year?

No big shock with the officials already. Head to head and missed pass interference on first series. The league needs to be less blatant about how bad they want Saskatchewan to win.

Dirty hit on the QB Ray. But hey the refs did not catch it maybe later a review will be needed. Good game so far.

RM, believe what you like. Some still believe Elvis is alive so anything goes.

I hear the music playing and the three qb’s are circling the two chairs. Is Perry playing today for the eskies


wow great defense by the riders

Cates going no where at this point.

Hey, RM was that "spearing" penalty part of the conspiracy to get Sask to win?

Wow seond time this one was caught however using the lead with helmet. Good come back with the fumble.

Is it still considered a penalty if the QB ducks into it? Looked to me like Ray put his head down. Lloyd still lead with his facemask, crown of the helmet caught him under the chin.

Lloyd on the other hand was just called on a spearing penalty, and he totally deserved it, that was a bad one on his behalf.

Quit crying your going to leave puddles on the field.

He lead with his helmet into the qbs helmet regardless.

No it is not a penalty if the QB ducks....and Ray ducked

I would bet that play get reviewed later.

Not crying at all. Just asking if it was part of the conspiracy? Try to read what is written, please.

I don't think much will come of it, it seemed bad but when you look at it you can see Ray duck into it and Lloyd didn't lead with his helmet, he lead with his facemask. Looks pretty fine to me but I have green goggles.

You going to run with that through out the game (twice so far) would indicate crying. Well good thing the riders defense is playing tonight. Nice defesnive touchdown.

You know what they say "Defence wins championships" but this takes it to a whole other level!!

Kamau looks like he's back in Winnipeg or something so far in this one.