Esk. at Riders

With Naaman and Ricky Collins, on the 6 game, me thinks we lose this one again, and that's the season folks. Better luck next year. And yes, I still can't stand Jones... what a putz!

There fixed it for you . :wink:

Tx Jimmy had a bad night at urban concert, was a waste of money and I went for free, really bad sound mix and over loud made it worse!!

From what I have been noticing is Durrant when scoots out of the pocket can get good yardage. Quite a few Quarterbacks in this league are doing this, so perhaps Durrant does more of this whenever possible. He's built solid and in superb shape.

Go riders

A great win for the Riders for so many reasons. So many monkeys are off their backs now I have to think this is the first sign in two years that this team has bounced off the bottom and is turning around.
But hey, mistakes were still problems today. Andrew Jones piling on, didn't call a time out on the game ending field goal attempt, can't stop anyone on second down, penalties, god, penalties.

What I like about today was all the monkeys off their backs.
DD wins his first game in two years.
The team seem to bond after Bowman's finger wag at Jones.
Some other players got a look or stepped into a larger role - Edwards looks like a keeper and Steele was really in the game.
After a psychological let down at the end of the game, they went to OT and delivered.
Cox and Gainey were the difference. Our defence has something to build on. Hey, maybe next week we get 2 sacks!

Anyway, a long way to go still for this team but I'm finally encouraged again.

Just a bit early nailing the closed on this one.
Great Game. Great win!! :cowboy:

Yup I agree. They really need to learn how far 5 yards is on kicks as they had so man no yard penalties that it wasn't funny. Yes the wind was doing funny things to the ball but still there were more then a few that they had plenty of time to get out of that space and just didn't do it. Yes that peanalty Andrew Jones took was just plain stupid. I wouldn't be shocked if he gets a game for it too. The play was dead the guy is lying on the ground and he takes a swan dive on him? Really? The player was sidelined for the rest of the game and looked like either a severe sprain or possible fracture. Just a plain stupid play.

Plenty to still clean up on both sides but it was a win so that is a big plus.

Edmonton LOST this game. They blew it. Adarius Bowman had the worst game of his career and the wind gusted just in time to blow Reilly's pass into Cox's hands.

Sure the Riders came up big and made some key plays, but they also shot themselves in the foot with penalties - how the hell do you take a time count on a game winning field goal attempt? This is a BADLY coached team.

Any other opponent would have whooped them but the Riders needed OT. The Esks played badly enough to let the Riders stay in the game and let Durant take it into his own hands. Another QB and the Riders STILL would have lost. Much like he did with Cortez' crappy scheme a couple years ago, he made it work this week even with no receivers to throw to.

Don't let this go to your heads. This team still sucks.

While I agree they made plenty of mistakes and yes way too many penalties, they still made some good plays too. I agree though that time count penalty was inexcusable and Jones owns that. When asked about it he said he looked at the clock and saw 9 seconds left and they were just lining up for the kick he looked again and only 2 seconds left and thought it was too late to call time out. Sorry but that is crap as he should have been on top of it.

Yes there is plenty of room for improvement in all aspects but as bad as they were they were still better then the eskimos in this one. Yes Bowman was not good and dropped some easy catches which certainly helped but that is football and the W still counts.


Furthermore, nothing and nobody on this planet can control a gust of wind on any play in any given game dude.

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