Esk at Bombers

I hope Reilly and White are up for putting up 40 tonight because our secondary is getting lit up, again. Worst secondary in the league.

Orange is quickly becoming my least favourite colour.


Yup. They have to do something about it.

Bowman showing off with that catch. A power forward grabbing a rebound.

All these penalties are annoying the f out of me

Of course there's a penalty on the TD. Smh

Wow indeed, Rod Smith. Is Matty wearing running shoes with his suit? lol

I think the reason penalties are "down" is because the refs are forcing coaches to challenge everything.

First down Eskimos on the sideline catch 8) 13-10 Winnipeg at the half.

Finally! A gamble pays off. 13-10 Peg.

Grey Cup defence but no one can tackle.

The kickers suck this season.

You are not alone.

Love Walker!

Game is beginning to open up!

The Eskie Maas are starting to kind of roll right along!

How hard is it to pick up a football? :roll:

Sometimes the football has the hot potato effect :slight_smile:

What the hell was Shae trying to challenge?

Talk about a Grey Cup hangover. This is brutal.