ESK Aaron Grymes fined for spear on Speedy B

Probably on this incredible play by Banks

FYI- Max fine is 1/2 game cheque

Yup I thought it was dirty when I saw it, but I dont recall the commentators saying much about it.

Ya gotta protect the league all-stars, or, there is no league. I wonder what happens in the event of a repeat offence - suspension?

Did not notice this ... and nothing mentioned on tv that I recall.

Players Association cares more about protecting headhunters than helping ensure player safety. They fight any suspension, for even the dirtiest players.

(I didn’t think this one was exceptionally dirty.)

I had no idea Micky Desadist is a ticat fan!

Am I the only one that sees he hit his own teammate in the head not Banks.. u can see the guy shake the stars out of his head after the hit even. I mean he was trying to hit Banks so im not against the fine for intent but really doesn't look like he hit Banks head to head

I thought it was an attempted spear, but he missed Banks and hit his own guy. Fiqured that was why there was no flag. Obviously leads with his helmet, and surely nobody would think he was actually aiming to spear his own guy?

Grymes also had a borderline dirty hit on Timmis late in the game. Grymes dove directly at his knees. He was about 2 inches away from tasking out his knee.

If you have to play dirty then you’re just showing a lack of genuine talent - as well as a basic lack respect for the well-being of others.

The league collects the fine but what dose Speedy the guy who got speared get out of it. The other defenses in the league watch Speedy very closely and ride him a lot, they know he's a game changer but him being pound for pound one of the toughest guys in the league give it right back to them. :wink: ::slight_smile:

Absolutely agree that too many guys attempt to ride him out or even deliver hits right on the boundary lines, especially when he is a kick or punt returner. A lot of those objectional conduct and roughing penalties he gets are for retaliation and come from frustration. Too many chippy hits that I feel should be called. All players should benefit from “player safety?.

It looks like you might be right in this GIF but if you look at the video in the "news /football operations" page and get lucky when you hit pause you can see clearly that Grimes makes head to head contact with Speedy.