ESF ---ESKS AT CATS - 30 Year Anniversary

The 1986 Grey Cup. I remember it well.
One of my favorite games to watch on CFL Classics .

The heavy ESKS vs the light CATS.
Cake walk for the Esks and no chance for the Cats.


What better way to have a 30 year celebration, then for the 2016 Hamilton Injured Stars to take out the Edmonton Mortal Enemy.

I am hoping the Cats second stringers get jacked and hyped over an opportunity to show case what they can do.

The one thing in the Cats favour, is that I predicted an Esk win.
My predictions are pretty bad. I am heavy in the loss section.

If the undermanned Cats do win, you heard it hear first.


I remember that game so well. I had to work a crappy job as an assistant manager in a restaurant. Someone brought a portable tv in & we set it up in the lobby on top of the cigarette machine (lol).

That was the first Grey Cup I saw the Cats win....I started really following the team in about 1974 & after a number of what most fans thought were bad seasons (we didn't see REALLY bad until the dark days of the early 2000's), it was amazing to see them win, especially when as you say, no one gave them a chance against the Esks, & they had lost every other time they made it to the show in the 80s.

Covington & co. were relentless that day....I'm not sure Dunigan had another day that bad the rest of his career. 8 sacks, I think it was? Plus, my favourite player of all time, Ben Zambiasi, finally got a ring. I bought that game on dvd a few years ago, watch it occasionally. Aside from the result, the commercials are entertaining too.

One of my best memories.

I remember it well as I had no voice, hung over but the best seats I've ever had for a Grey Cup and I lost a bet to my cousin and had to buy him a bunch of beers at this great bar in Vancouver. It was my first trip to Vancouver. I was also 30 years younger. haha.

This ESF is very different.
Cats injured, Esks defending champs.

86 Cats had a lot of vets that were on 2 teams that had failed.
Esks were young and only had a few guys who had been there during the dynasty era.
Experience and motivation was the difference.

However, it is like Chris Schultz says.

It is not the better team that wins, it is the team that plays better.

I think this will come down to the loud crowd and who scores with the wind.
Also, the O -line needs to be better then they have been.
If ZC has time he should be able to run the O and have success.

Just hoping.

Keon Raymond will be back. :smiley:

That should help on D. He is a major difference maker. :thup:

This is it.

I don't care about injuries, history, storylines.

Only one thing matters. Winning!

We win, we advance. We lose, we go home.

Regardless, I bleed Green and Gold. I will support my team on every play. Good or bad.

Do I like Benevides? No. But the bragging and the complaining is over.

It's now one game at a time. And during each, I will be rocking my Eskimos T-shirt and my 103rd Grey Cup hat. And I'll be waving my Eskimos flag.

Let's go, Eskimos!


And if we lose, come December, I'll still be wearing my Green and Gold jacket and my Green and Gold toque.

Long live the Eskimos! Greatest CFL franchise!

[i]Final score for this game:

Edmonton 42

Ticats 17

And Kent Austin will bump or slap someone on the hand. :oops: [/i]

It’s amazing watching everyone think this is a cake walk for Edmonton, it’s like a collective amnesia from reality.

First off, the season series was pretty damn even…

July 22nd - Hamilton 37 Edmonton 31

Oct. 28th - Edmonton 29 Hamilton 26

Next, here is the record of Western Crossovers…

1997 - Montreal 45 B.C. 35
2002 - Toronto 24 Saskatchewan 14
2003 - Toronto 28 B.C. 7
2005 - Montreal 30 Saskatchewan 14
2008 - Edmonton 29 Winnipeg 21
2009 - B.C. 34 Hamilton 27 (OT)
2012 - Toronto 42 Edmonton 26
2014 - Montreal 50 B.C. 17

With history as a teacher, not only can we assume that Hamilton will win, but that it will probably be a blowout…

We only lost by 3 points last game, have had a chance to rest some players, have some back and it's a home game at THF.

Ticats got this.

Posted from the Ticats Express on the way to game!

WOW, the TSN mics are picking up the wind sound.

Props and respect to the fans sitting in that power wind.


Holy crap, the Cats D is like Swiss cheese.

Holes holes and more holes.

Reilly is having a field day.

Plus the Cats can do nothing on O.

Cats are lucky they are only 15 down.

Kent should have went for it on 3 and 1.

Cats need to pull out all the stops.

Another Cat receiver goes down. :? :cry:

All tied up and lots of drama in the last 3 minutes here. Terrible interception by Collaros there.

One down, two to go.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Cats blew to many chances in the first.


ouch!!! didn’t know one of their d backs out so Keon must play.?Hopefully cold and windy to limit passing game.

That's cause the Cats blow! :lol:

Victory for Edmonton!

DEFEAT for the Ticats!

Is Kent Austin in danger of losing his job! :oops:

Now with the Cats out, who will Johnny cheer against ?

Come back and own this AMAZING CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER SUPER-DUPER AWESOME 7-11 team that lost to the crossover team in the ESF, Cats fans!

Come on now, where are you? Where have all the Collaros boosters gone? All those Hamilton fans lining up to laugh at my Alouettes for finishing the year with ... the exact same regular-season record plus a playoff loss? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wait, wait! Let me supply your answers, in advance.

The refs were biased.

You had too many injuries.

The league hates you.

Shovel Face lost his shovel (Condell).

I am sure The Dynasty will be back again next year, with its fans making the same old outlandish claims and trashing every other team. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I enjoy reading and welcome your posts on the TiCat board as well informed and balanced so why do you act like such an ass on the CFL boards?

Schizophrenic or what???? :?

(And name a CFL team the last few years that has had more League apologies thrown it's way for admitted officiating/Command Centre blunders... after the fact and useless other than confirming TiCat fan's officiating complaints :wink: )