ESF - Eskimos @ Bombers

Obviously, at 8 - 10 Bomber fans have no business smack talking the Eskimos. However, I have to say to Eskimo fans, that I think your team over achieved this year, and that you will lose the ESF to the Bombers, who appear to be a more balanced team.

It all depends on how Ricky Ray plays. Eskies live and die by that man.

While I agree that it's more likely that the Bombers will win, I sure hope your comment about us over-achieving was just trash talk...

...never under-estimate a Ricky Ray in the play-offs....that would be fool-hearty....HOWEVER ...the BigBlue are peaking at the right time.....and we're gonna be tough....should be a good one :rockin:

Of course. I'll still be cheering for my Eskimos, and if we happen to get the upset, great. Otherwise I`ll probably cheer for the Stamps.

Or maybe the riders, chief. Nice of you.

Why do you always bet against your team?

Man Alive. Why is nobody questioning as to why Edmonton isn't hosting the ESF? They have the better overall record so shouldn't they by default host the game? Curious? :o

Yeah see the crossover is almost a semi punishment kinda (but not really) for being 4th in a division but having a better record than the 2 bottom teams in the other division so while I will entertain discussions of how Edmonton should have the ESF at home, it's really a matter of the West being so ridiculous this year that the situation Edmonton is in with Winnipeg statistically will not happen very often.

At any rate, I've got a good feeling for Winnipeg going into the playoffs this year, we seem to be getting the momentum we need just at the right time!

I call it being realistic. :stuck_out_tongue: No cross over team has ever won, we lost our last game in Winnipeg, and we've only won 7 roads games in the last 3 seasons. If we win, great, but I won't get my hopes up. I'm happy to have our playoff drought ended.

For sure, you guys had a decent year in a very tough division.

And truthfully, is there a coach out there who is cuter than little Danny M in his snow suite on the sidelines ?

....Danny has a 'snow suite' on the does he rate an igloo ....while the Bombers have to stand out there in the bloody cold.....Does he also have a heater in that suite????...cuz i'm complaining to the league right now....Just pulling your chain piggy;;;lol ...couldn't resist....Anyhow it looks like it'll be a cold blustery one come Sat. ... Dancing Danny better bring something....heh heh... :lol:

Ray bounced back pretty nicely this week going 23-25. Our DB's are going to have to play a great game if we are to stand a chance, and we are going to have to get alot of pressure on Ray. Look for Samuels to have another big day, I hope the rest of the defence is up to the task.
On the other side of the field, Glenn also bounced back nicely this week (in limited time). Hopefully he can start out like that again. Our recievers need to expose the Esks secondary, and I hope our Oline keeps that dirty hit in mind, and bullies the esks Dline opening holes for Reid and Smith.
I don't just want a win, hopefully these guys can send a statement out to Montreal: look out, the Bombers are back! :rockin:

Although the idea of a all western GC is appealing to me, I will be cheering for the Bombers. My wife is a Bombers fan and routinely cheers for my Stamps when not playing her Bombers so I must return the favor. :wink:

Why would one do such a thing? :lol:

Chief dont crack under peer pressure! :lol:

Yeah, sorry, Red, but I'll be cheering for the Riders to get knocked out in the first round.

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Only 23000 seats sold. The game is 4 days away.

At least you're already better than last year's 22843.

I think Stegall is suffering some fan-envy. Maybe Sask should make him a better offer.

Not even our recent back-to-back is enough to put butts in the seats? No offence guys, but what's with your fans...? :expressionless:

Hopefully they can pull off a last minute sellout. It would be good for the league.

Winnipeg has always been a walk up crowd. The team has already made a profit from the game, and you can expect it to be pretty close to a sellout.
I don't know why fans from other teams try and put down Bomber fans for not buying play off tickets. We obviously do not have the population of the other big cities, and no one compares to Saskatchewan so don't even try and bring that up. The weather often dictates the # of fans on game day, and ofcourse the time. I myself would prefer a later start. And to add the cost. I go to my share of games every year, and it is getting pretty dam costly. By the time you pay for tickets, parking, food, drinks, etc, you're looking at $100 per person. I actually have not bought my tickets yet, and I am leaning towards having friends over to watch the game and pig out. No its not the same as being there, but there is a reason I shelled out the big bucks for my Plasma.