ESF Attendance

What does everybody think the attendance will be in the East semi in T.O, Do they make it to 30 000?


Make that 23999. Just found out I have to work all next weekend. That means no Yates Cup or Eastern semi-final :x .

19,892, not going, if Hamilton was in it i would have went and there would have been 33,462

The GF and I were going to purchase tix to the game if it was a Cats/Argos contest, however.... :frowning:

IMO, a Cats/Argo fest would have attracted approx. 35,000 or so, while an Esks/Argo game approx. 27-28,000

I'm in..i'd like to see 30 000+...time to open up the 500 level.

I believe the attendance for the semi's and finals is going to be more than acceptable , if the interactive ticketmaster seat indicator is accurate, I expect Toronto should get 30,000 plus , Calgary is almost sold out for their semi , only a couple of corner sections remain along with singles. BC 's lower bowl is sold for the most part and they are doing quite well on the upper level for sales.-----------Montreal apparently has sold 35000 plus so far for the EF according to posts on here .----------So things don't look too bad , it would be very nice to see Toronto have 30,0000 or more .---We shall see I guess.