ESDF 2023 PBP Thread

Fans behind us are already doing the na na na na, hey hey good bye chant.

Picks and fumbles will kill this team. As I have said before this game could be over by
the end of the 1st quarter.

Butler came to play!

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The ball control offense working well early.

Credit to the coaching staff for at least playing to the strength of the players on the field.


Butler always comes to play. Another good drive going


Looks like Shiltz isn’t going to miss this opportunity!

looking good so far

Go to the well once too often…
ST-E stuffed on the swing pass

wasted drive

3-1 for the good guys

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Tim White anyone? Bueller?

Als are going to stuff the hell out of the box and force the Ticats to throw.

What’s the adjustments we make?

It needs to be 14-1 for the good guys…haha!!

We’re moving the ball. Aside from the fumble things are looking good so far.


deep breaths. but we seem to be showing some offensive drive!

Why change to ST-E over Butler?

Good D.

Cats have controlled the play thus far.


Either Butler deny’s them or Shiltz makes them pay with his feet.

Shiltz is gonna have to move the pocket interspersed with Butler runs

I’m guessing it’s situational. Maybe he’s a better blocker. Or better at running routes, or better at catching the ball in traffic. Or just a matter of giving Butler a rest on occasion? Or just not wanting to risk Butler getting injured in a blocking situation?

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