ESDF 2023 PBP Thread

Sorry I’m late - kickoff imminent…

Cats win the toss and take the ball.

promising start, keep it going guys

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Decent running game so far, and a swing pass to McAllister

Smith starting this game the way he ended last playoff game.

Atta boy.

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Smith coughed it up AGAIN.

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Looks like bad Kiondre made the trip to Mtl

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There it is…Ticat football


well that didnt last long

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There’s a GOOD Kiondre?

I’d be happy with mediocre

He had the one good game, 150 yards or so

Cant stand the progress!

Lot of dancing and showboating that day

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Inability to apprehend progress.

Kenny G out of position and wiffed on an arm-tackle.

Yep. Wished he was more like Tasker that day.

Sure wish the idiots with the horns would shut the hell up! It’s on BMO field list of “Restricted Items”


Well if, and that’s a BIG if, the Cats can get up by a couple of TD’s, they might!!

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Once again we can’t mange the rouge. :face_exhaling:

Good work by the d-line to stop them short of FG range. (Is that allowed here, saying something good about the team?)

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