errors in the standings data

The points against totals in the CFL standings are incorrect. Here at the correct totals for Winnipeg and Hamilton:


You are correct.....can't take that for granted either now. :o Not double checking their own work.

I wrote a program that prints out the standings data that I compare with each league I rank as a cross check of sorts to see if I entered the data correctly. I use my own standings generated report and compared that with the standings here.

Doesn't sound like the CFL automates their standings.

I will say this as easily as as I can.... WHO THE **** CARES?... :?

anyone who cares about a job being done right.

It's Tuesday, August 2nd, at 6:50AM, Eastern time and the data is still wrong.

so they may as well just list Montreal as 6-0 after five weeks? it's only a couple points, but that isn't the point. an error in standings on the league's official website is not good. heck, it isn't even that hard to automate the standings page. it's a tiny error but it shows they aren't checking their work which could lead to more significant errors. it's not hard to to do it right.

I suggest: Go to and click on the contact us on the CFL home page at the bottom, once there you will see options on how to get in contact with someone including feedback.

It's fixed now.

No, I did not contact them.

similarly.. Justin Palardy's FG stats are wrong. he is 15/20, and was 2/4 in the game against Calgary. the .pdf version of the stats has it right, though.

minor errors, but how does a league official site make mistakes on something that should be very easy and can even be automated?

As of 10:01AM, Eastern time, Sunday, 14-Aug-2011,Toronto should have 160 points for. This website has it at 169.

I wonder what other stats are hacked up? Who is getting praise/credit for perhaps incorrect rushing yardage, etc.?

Makes me wonder.

It's 12:29AM, Sunday, August 28th.

Montreal has 194 points against. The website has them at 193.

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It’s Friday night at 11:33PM, on September 16th.

Winnipeg is suppose to have 242 points for. The standings short-changed them at 240.


I'm pretty sure those extra points were stolen by the government as a tax and given to someone in Tony Clement's riding. :cowboy:

The CIS standings has been 100% correct every time I've checked them. Why can't the CFL get their act together?

no catastrophe, just the CFL website being incapable of doing something very simple. minor error, but that doesn't mean there's an excuse.

As of Saturday, November 5th, Hamilton is suppose to have 478 not 488 points against.

I wonder what other stats are messed up with the announcers making erroneous claims from poor bookkeeping of so and so being the rushing leader, etc.

Why do you care so much?