ERROR SYSTEM , for Q.B.'S and recievers?

I am not a baseball fan......however I do like the ERROR system where fault can be placed on one person.

Should that also happen in the CFL?

How many times have you seen a Q.B. throw a perfect pass that is dropped with out any hit?

BUT , only the Q.B. gets that it shown in their game stats.

Should the CFL adopt an error system , like they have in baseball.?

I always thought that the QB should not get charged with an interception if the ball pops out of the receiver's hands into a defenders.

Sound good to me.

Also I don't see why the QB doesn't get credit for the yards and completion for pass interference

Error system? what is that? is that the percite (%) thing?

You know in baseball if the shortstop boots the ball of the fielder drops it he gets charged with an error and is part of his stats

and the pitche4r dosen't get charged with an earned run if that guy scores

That's not a bad idea. Though I think they should continue to count incompletions and interceptions against the quarterback (and I'm a McManus fan!) because if you stop doing that the future QBs will appear to suddenly be way better than any of those in the past.

BUT maybe they should start keeping track of dropped balls by receivers. Just like a completion counts for the QB and the receiver, a dropped pass counts against the QB (as an incompletion) and the receiver (as a dropped pass.) An interception off the hands of a receiver would count against the QB (as an interception) and the receiver (as a dropped pass.)

BUT the problem is: how would they determine whether it was a "drop" or just an incomplete pass? If a receiver is triple covered, leaps 6 feet into the air and gets both hands on the ball but fails to come down with it, is that a drop? What if he catches it but comes down out of bounds? Which player do you blame that on? Who makes the determination?

And why does a QB get credit for a touchdown pass when he throws a little 2-yard out and the receiver breaks three tackles, hurdles another, spins off another, outruns two more, straight-arms one, and drags 4 players 10 yards into the end zone? The receivers could say, "If I'm getting blamed for dropping a pass, why does he get credit when I do that?"

Now that I think about it, maybe it's not such a good idea after all.

That's why they keep track of YAC in the NFL

in baseball the score keeper desides if it is a hit or error. Thesame could done in football.

I dont think however that if my pass hits you in the numbers and it bounces off into the hands of a defender I should get an interception. Anything else should count against me.

They keep track of dorps in Madden football. if a video game can do it. the CFL should be able to do it. I think its a great idea

Yeah, I like the idea too, but I bet the receivers wouldn't like the idea much!

I don’t think its fair for qbs to be given an interception when the ball pops out of the receviers hands and it is clearly the receivers fault. I’ve noticed that this has happened to ricky ray quite a bit this year.

another 2 good reasons to have one. :wink: :smiley:

I love the idea

for K.K.

Thanks HT! OK, just a minute.

How abou if a guy scores a TD. but then has it taken back by the refs becase of holding, etc. However, I believe that he should since get cridet for the TD. So maybe another opiopn for returned TDs? Could be fun?

No - it's a team game. The team should come first and the individual stats after. If the "team" screws up, causing the play to be called back, it's over - no footnotes necessary.

OK, I agree, but it would be cool just to have a few footnotes.

BigDave, usually, a dropped pass is when a receiver can touch the ball with two hands, while not making it. And if the receiver catches the ball and falls out of bounds, then its just an incompletion. Not a drop.

But I agree with you that such a system would need some fine-tuning.

And what about keeping track of defenders' mistakes? Would Kelly Malveaux still be in the CFL if we could see on paper all of his mistakes?