Eron Riley

Nope, the Eron experiment needs to end

Agreed fully... There must be another international replacement for this guy... Legal problems last year, and now when he needs to step up when the Riders receiving corps has a lot of rookies, he goes offside on a key 1st down catch, and then has dropsies on what would be a huge momentum swing....

Cut him lose! Find a player who can catch the ball...

well, my best guess is that the riders lost way to many good players, and it will take time to replace them, they should just put them out , let them gane the experience they need now. maybe by the half way point of the season they will start to get it together, and leave the players alone for a bit. or the rest of them will leave after next season. fish bowl.

Riley was not going to start until injury to Schilens. Getzlaff out as well. It did give Ryan Smith a chance at starting which will payoff. Also has given Swain a bigger role with Getz out which also is looking like it is moving in the right direction fast.
Getz and Schilens are both on the one game IR going into a bye week.
Allen also had a shortened training camp.
With the bye week now it will serve as a second part as training camp fitting the pieces together and also Charles and Messam with two weeks now to learn the offense and be fit onto the teams.
Hurl and Peters on defense are both still young and likely have not had to ever play a full game against a RB like Harris coming right at them on the ground and in the air

The problem is though it won't be like a mini camp as they don't return to practice until 4 days before they play. That is not enough time to address the issues. Basically this is their spring break and off they go to wherever. Only 3 games in and then off for like 10 days? What little familiarity that has been gained will be gone.

Thats true but from an evaluation standpoint the coaches have three real games of film under their belt. Whats done is done. Setting the backfield up and letting it play out now for the next 3 games before that second six games where every team usually will make new adjustments.
Certainly for the Veteran's who are fairly secure can take the time off. As for the newcomers whether it be their first CFL camp with the Riders or late signings from the CFL have had periods of time off. NFL guys mostly were jobless last season and Messam and Charles just got there so they would be likely to stay around

Allen is saying he's going home to Florida. Wonder if Tolson is sticking around to show he wants his shot?

That could be the reason the has reported that Will Ford is close to signing

You can't hang a loss on that one play, but man that has to look bad on his file for a guy who's been trying to get off the PR for 2 freaking years.

I agree you cant hang the teams loss on that play. As for Riley though it was a chance for him to gain a step forward. He was not really penciled to start until Shilens went down. Getz went down and Ryan Smith got the start and stepped up. looking like their will be 4 import receivers in the mix with T Smith, Swain, Ryan Smith has secured a hand up now, and Shillens will get his shot. Riley may still hang for a bit depending on Shillens

Well said Prairie Dog! At some point in your career, you have to step up when given your chance. This was Riley's chance and he blew it. From a Rider Brass perspective, you need depth on your PR to fill in for those times when starting players get hurt. How can they put their faith in this guy? I wouldn't..... Send him him packing and try find a new guy earlier in the season than later.... Just my opinion though

I think that sends a better message than benching your running backs every time they fumble the football.

Riley has played all of what? 9 games? And inconsistently at that, not meaning his play his been inconsistent but that he has been in and out of the roster. One drop and people instantly want to cut him.. Jeeze.. What happened to letting young players develop? If we cut everyone who dropped a big catch in a game or fumbled a ball we wouldn't have any players. Fantuz never would have made the Riders had we cut him do to some bad drops. Getzlaf wouldn't be a rider, Dressler wouldn't have played for us.. The list goes on.

Players are gonna drop a few passes now and again, it sucks when its a big one like that. But we need to start getting consistency in our roster and if we cut or bench a player every time they make a mistake this will be a bad year. He is a young player who has barely played at all, he is gonna need time to become a good receiver.

Yup that is football. Riley earned his shot and has not done too much with it. While other's like Swain and Smith have taken full advantage so far.
T. Smith, Getz when healthy and Bagg will be joined by Swain and Smith now with Schilens who will get his chance as well. The Riders are also doing their due diligence to develop another National receiver as well. traded for and signed a former first round pick that did not work out. drafted several the last couple of years and also have looked to the Junior ranks.

I think at some point this season we will see more Alex Anthony

That is very likely. he spent his rookie season on the PR and beat out former number 1 picks Etienne and Sisco to get a spot on the 46 man roster this year as a 3rd National receiver. At some point soon keeping McHenry exclusively as a FB/H-Back type position will likely happen. He has been proven to be very good in those packages. Also allows him to stay as a special teams starter another role he is very good at. When he needs to start at receiver it takes away from those jobs
So although it may look like chaos with the RB and rec spots really there are things that are shaping up.

Personally I would look to get Anthony up to speed this year and cycle him and McHenry and put out feelers for Bagg, then look to draft another player to back Anthony in time, though I think Pierzchalski could actually be that guy. I know he is a fan favorite and has reliable hands, but if you can get a 1st or say a 2nd and 4th round for him.

The other option could be to move Pierzchalski inside

Bastien is another draft pick from 2014 on the PR. Both are fitting the mold of the big tall receivers that are becoming of interest in the CFL.
I dont think that they will look to shop Bagg around but rather instead keep him to groom other National receivers behind which will likely take a few years before they can possibly build that kind of Canadian depth at receiver.

I don't think they will shop him either...I am saying I would. I'd get something while I can.
This is why you have a receiver coach...if Tucker can't coach a 2nd year player up in combination with guys like Getz who is great at helping young guys, then it is time for a new assistant.

I like Bagg, he knows how to get open and come back the the QB...but you know what...McHenry is just as good at it, so he can carry the weight until someone else is ready. This is a chance to get a cheaper, younger player and a some nice drafts for a player with history of injury who is something teams will still look at. Being a GM does not always make you the popular guy in town...I will tell you this, the Wally would be pondering is a golden opportunity to build up the future. Heck, maybe they can package him and Steinhauer or Ainsworth (who both show a pile of potential) and get a ready now National guy to help with ratio plus a draft

They were hit very hard with Canadian talent on defense and did not replace them at all. Butler, Newman Sholo, and Evans to go with a healthy Hurl but only Hurl remains with no depth behind him. Shomari Williams has not developed into a starter type player and has become a teams guy which is good for the National part of the roster but not the ratio.
Having no Canadian DTs that are even good enough to rotate in nor any safety. Call it like it is Woldu has moved past his prime years and is strictly a teams player, there is no way that he can play field side corner.
The question being is there any Canadian defensive players who would be available to be able to be part of the defense. Ainsworth is the best prospect that could become a contributor on defense as a DE but he has a ways to go.

Hence my point of trading.