Ernest Jackson released

My grandmother, rest her soul, could replace Logan.

Happy to see Jackson released! He under performed and had a high salary. Better to find a rookie who can do as much (or more) for less money.

Joey Alfieri says Ernest Jackson was released because with the Als, he would be the 4th or 5th best receiver. Both of which usually plays Special Teams. Jackson’s reworked deal was less than his previous salary, but a rookie would be making below that.

Alfieri believes the Als will start one non-import at receiver. That means that he believes the Als will use an import at guard. I am guessing that would be Jarvis Harrison.

Not a fan of Jackson but I’ll eat my socks if a Canadian rookie receiver picks up 50+ catches and 700 yards. I’ll even wear them for a week first.

The American who is the #4 receiver will not even reach 50 receptions.

In all likelihood neither would Jackson playing as the 4th receiver.

I just like to see players compete and get beat out. But this is clearly about money and expect more of these moves. Logan possibly Bedard, Knapton. Also I doubt very much Cox is back. Can see Kavis trading a Canadian linesman.

Rookie CFL DC, possibly new HC and assistants, lack of young import talent. This team could be even worse than last season.

Unfortunately, that is a possibility.

The team`s 2019 record is really irrelevant. The only thing that matters at this point is a transition to new ownership and a proper football operations dept.

It would be much better for their chances off survival if the team found new owners in the next couple months, then after the season.

After witnessing the 2014 Redblacks who looked a lot like the old bad Rough Riders and bad Renegades except there was one thing different .

They fought back almost every game even the blow outs . You can see it in the tackling and push back .

You could see the defence get better and you knew anyone out of the stands could be a better receiving corp so with some tweaking there was going to be improvement .

If there is a transition this year and they adopt a hard work philosophy there is something about being a fighting under dog that compels you to watch .

If the right owner . managing team and coaching come forth you will enjoy the ride even if it takes a few years . There is something about a under dog who keeps fighting back it just endears you to the team watching it develop .

The next step is so important . Montreal in the past embraces a good underdog story with the right characters they can embrace as their own .

That EXPANSION Redblacks team scored 21 points in the 1st quarter of their first regular season game. They would have done better than their eventual record if their receivers held on to the ball. Oh, and their QB Henry Burris would winMOP the next year.

When was the last time the Als scored 21 in the first or any quarter in the regular season? Try 2013.

Remember that season well .

Not sure they had any receivers that year . They all looked like they never played before .

That offence despite that win against the Argos was putrid .

Burris looked like his best years were behind him in 2014 .

What kept the stands full was a great atmosphere at the games . Plus when your expectations are not high and you see some fight in the dog the football fan who watches the game sees the team keep fighting and they give them some time to improve .

The turn around was fast in 2015 with key moves . Thank you free agency .Ernest Jackson was one of the them free agents who turned it around .

Agreed! We need to think about the future. Only a strong new ownership group guarantees a future for the team.

wonder if Harris is begging to have Jackson in Ed

Edmonton’s GM was with Ottawa as assistant GM when they wouldn’t resign him even thought he didn’t drop a pass in 2016 .

Burris used him as his go to guy especially for the winning catch for the Grey Cup .

Not sure what happened to him Montreal he wasn’t the same guy at all .

I would be surprised if he doesn’t get a look see from somebody but he sure fell off the map in Montreal .

“Ernest, le ballon qui bouge!”