Ernest Jackson released

Players released:
Frank Brown (I), WR, Prairie View
Jordan Harris (I), LB, Louisiana Tech
Dante Holmes (I), DL, Northern Michigan
Larry Hope Jr. (I), DB, Akron
Ernest Jackson (I), WR, Buffalo
Deandre Jones-Williams (I), WR, Glenville State
Graham Kelly (N), QB, Mount Allison
Ike Lewis (I), WR, Appalachian State
Jamal Marshall (I), DB, North Texas
Lawrence Martin (I), OL, South Florida
Lonte Morton (I), DL, Virginia Union
DeQuinton Osborne (I), DL, Oklahoma State
Joby Saint Fleur (I), DL, Northwest Oklahoma State
Robert Walker (I), WR, Virginia State

Pretty amazing to release a guy when the HC has not even seen him or seen his potential replacements. What a gong show.

Many of those cuts should have been made after a mini/rookie camp which the Als never had. Team added the following, some of who had previously been released.

Players added to the roster
Quan Bray (I), WR, Auburn
Philippe Dion (N), LB, Western
Nick Dorka (I), K, Williams & Mary
Andrew Erbes (I), OL, UNLV
Tevin Floyd (I), LB, Citadel
Jamirr Holland (I), DB, Tabor College
Chris Lyles (I), DB, Mississippi College
Dominic Lévesque (N), K, Laval
Chris Merchant (N), QB, Western
Marcellus Pippins (I), DB, Washington State
Bryn Roy (N), LB, Texas A&M
Justin Strong (I), DB, Montana
Copache Tyler (I), DT, Yale

Jackson is released :

Not sure why he was not released prior to today.

He either failed his medical or The League has imposed a “special” cap on the Montreal Alouettes, after all they are picking up the tab.

This makes sense.

For at least the past 2 years, members of the media,particularly RDS, and many on this forum,including me,had wondered/asked why Ernest Jackson was still on the team. I and others were surprised that he was re-signed in the off-season.

Now that he is released, some of you come with strange scenarios. He was released basically because he was not worth what he was/would have been paid; furthermore, there could be rookies almost as good as him and being paid at least twice less than Jackson was.

As I wrote on CFL forum a few days ago, given the increase of only $50,000 in the max. cap, teams will have to release top paid players. It has happened with other teams. Just take a look at the CFL transactions.


Yes many of us wondered for some time now Richard why Jackson was re signed especially for the money he was offered.

And then release him at the start of TC.

Il est où le “maudit” problème? Release now or 2 weeks ago. With rookie training camp they had a better look at some receivers and YES some of these rookie receivers were released.

Why did Bear Woods,Chris Van Zeyl, Adam Konar, Rolly Lumbala, Kenny Shaw and on were released before training camp and not a long time ago? I am positive that the small increase in cap had something to do.


Richard - le “maudit” probleme est qu il devra pas lui signe en fevrier point finale!!

Pas drôle, on a gaspillé du papier et de l’encre pour rien. Tout ce qu’on aurait épargné en ne signant pas Ernest Jackson.


I knew you would bring that up, the point being made is that on a healthy football team the HC makes decisions of who is cut or not and Sherman isn’t there to make the decision.

Sherman saw nothing of the rookies. That is all in your imagination.

Nice try.

Is there anybody on the newly-signed list that appeals to anybody? Maybe Quan Bray (if healthy) can peform some return duties. Other than that, I an not seeing a whole lot here.

My darkhorse is Michael Sanneli. He’s older, has the body maturity for the job and is hungry at a position where the Als Canadians have been soft.

Al’s top draft pick Grant hasn’t signed a contract so he will be useless this season.

Don’t see anyone who can replace Bede or Logan, so more of the same on special teams.

I say Mr. Guzzo said he will not buy the team unless Ernest Jackson is released. So maybe a good sign.:slight_smile:

Bryn Roy last played for the Als in 2015 and has bounced around the league since.

Jamirr Holland is a National.

And still no signing of the Als 1st draft choice (13th) WR Kaion Julien-Grant. Nor Chris Ackie signing with anyone. We know who their agent is.


All practices are taped and then reviewed by the coaches in the evening. Sherman could easily have been part of the evaluation process even if at home.

There is enough wrong with this team without piling on.

Quand les Alouettes ont signé Jeremiah Johnson, j’espérais que ça allait permettre de remplacer Logan par Ryder Stone. J’espère que ce sera le cas, ou sinon, que n’importe qui d’autre que Logan soit retourneur de botté.

LB Philip Dion and QB Chris Merchant are quality gets.I’m curious to find out if they have lost the rest of their Usports eligiblity as a result of signing as free agents.LB Bryn Roy is a serviceable contributor. Miles Gorrell is getting it done on the national side of things.

We don’t know what limitations the league office will impose budget wise(HFxTC is correct in alluding to this)going forward. Caitlin Bell is going to have a long season ahead of her trying to keep this thing organized.Lots of quality talent available now that NFL mini-camps have wrapped up.It’s a shame that this front office cannot get it.

I won’t pretend to know anyone on the cuts or adds unless they played last season.

No question the league will pocket that million dollars right off the top. Expect more vets being released. That is why I am questioning if Sherman wants any part of this. His son quitting this week speaks to the matter.