Ernest Jackson, Dominic Lewis and Adam Kania released

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Lewis and Kania did zip last year, so no big surprise there.

I thought Jackson had potential, but one has to think that the Ticats are happy wth Rodriguez, Davis and Bauman as starting receivers, and they are looking seriously at upgrading the speed of the 4th receiver and backups. Drew Edwards mentioned a few times in his blog that Obie is about to sign a few rookie burners who are presumably much faster than the burly Ernie Jackson.

One last note: I wonder if the release of Kania (a Canadian DL) means that Hamilton is about to announce the signing of Corey Mace?

I feel bad for Ernest and Adam... Great guys .. They work there butts on Practice team last season.
Adam is from Burlington and I know family Pretty well

I really like that Bearcat will miss him

These are guys who wouldn't be starting for us anyways. Obie is just preparing the roster for the start of training camp.

As for Mace, I guess anything is possible but I don't think he will be the saviour of our d-line, this year anyways.

Does Adam's dad coach Junior ball?

I think so I know Neil Lumsden Dose


Anyway... I too am surprised about Ernest Jackson. I liked the idea of having a big physical receiver out there, but Obie must have other plans. Lewis and Kania are not terribly surprising. Best of luck to all three of them. Tough business they are in.

Earnest Jackson kind of struck me like Hines Ward, a big receiver who can catch and make big blocks. Seeing as I have nothing to do with professional football or scouting for that matter, I guess there must've been a good reason to cut Jackson. I trust Obie. And as repeated as this has been Kania and Lewis didn't suprise me, it was just a matter of time.

Bit surprised by the release of Earnest Jackson. Had great size, and played well in limited action last season after being a nice surprise at last year's training camp. He'll catch on with another team somewhere soon.

I was impressed by Jackson both in camp and in his limited playing time. Sad to see him go. I also liked Kania and Lewis. I hate cuts. I wish them all the best. I can only think that Jackson's injury time may have contributed to this decision. I wouldn't be surprised to see him with another team this year.

Jackson was a surprise, not because he did a whole lot last year with his five receptions, but because the organization was so high on him, I was sure he would be a starter this year. But changes are under way and it's probably for the best. This is the first of alot of surprising cuts this training camp I think.

Kania and Lewis, not surprising since the D-line is a key focus area this year. They may be decent football players but at this point that's not good enough I guess. Well, obviously not. We all knew the d-line needed changes, so I am not surprised at all.

I dont know if anyone else noticed but Earnest Jackson is taken off our roster and is classed as a CFL free agent on the site...has anyone else noticed that??

we need depth at wide receiver....i know there trying out corey grant and dave stala...but can we actually say those two people are better then Earnest Jackson?? seriously.....ticats waht are you doing

just my two cents worth..

i thnk we should be trying these players out during training camp


Happened last week.


Well, Allan, the ratio of non-imports to imports is of major significance in the wonderful world of the CFL...............Stala and Grant are non-imports; Jackson isn't.

End of story.