Erlington, White, Evans, The Whole Defensive Secondary

What a joke you are, Hamilton Tiger Cats. An organizational puzzlement. You had Hills in your system and you don't play him until the darkest hour. Then he plays well and resurrects your playoff hopes but you keep on throwing long bombs with washed up Dane Evans.. Oh don't worry, Dane, we're not jumping on the bandwagon. Win one game against Ottawa and he yaps to the fans. It's our fault, right Dane, that you're basically unwatchable. You never locate your checkdowns and you eat the ball taking sacks on 2nd and long your worthless running back Erlington left you in with his exciting 2 yard runs on first down. What a joke. You got Hills and you go to Erlington who is a basic non factor. I can tackle Erlington myself. He's nothing. White, thanks for all your chirping but you DO suck. Drop a ball that takes the team off the field when trying to tie the score. Argos would be a goof fit for you. You talk a good game of smack but you're bareley even CFL calibre. You don't win the jump balls except for one but not when it really came down to it. Sit down and shut up. You're not very good at all. You're an impediment to winning. Last year you blew the Grey Cup and this year for all your trash talking you dropped the ball when the team looked to you to save their season. On the last interception the whole world knew it was comig to you and you failed to get open instead were easily double teamed as Schlitz forced it in there. You didn't need a home run play there. They were playing man and could gave picked them apart underneath but your stupid coaches try a basic Hail Mary on second and short. This team is a joke. 3 hours of comedy you cannot find anywhere else. That Defensive backfield. Torched all night. You will never beat Trevor Harris with 300 pounds of pure blubber trying to run him down and a secondary that couldn't guard the Glendale Bears. Next game I'll be there selling fire hoses to help the fans put out this dumpster fire. We need to beg Bob for a receiver. I suggest everybody get down on their hands and knees before him and actually beg the guy for some players.

I really wish the board had an option where we could ignore entire threads...


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I really wish the board had an option where we could ignore entire threads...

. If you really wanted to ignore it you wouldn't have replied with nothing.

Come on down to the stadium and give it a try , tough guy . A lot of CFL defenders have difficulty but go ahead and make our day . General Hospital is only a short drive away . My prognosis is that you'll look like Mr. Potato Head when you arrive .


You got him pegged to a t. Not my team forum but wow this guy has issues or what...
Good luck with him


I just wish you would press the enter key a few times...that is one big paragraph but I do enjoy reading your posts.

Please don't encourage him . We have a long off season . :laughing:

A little venting post-terrible-game, post-terrible-season is ok, but we'll shut this one down and invite everyone over to the other post-game thread

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