Erik Harris signs with Saints

BREAKING: Ticats’ LB Erik Harris joins NFL’s Saints

Justin Dunk @JDunk12
#Ticats #CFLLB Erik Harris (@E_Harris_31) worked out for #Saints in New Orleans today - his only #NFL workout - and signed right after.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Erik Harris has signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, sources say.

The 25-year-old played in 45 regular season games over three seasons with the Ticats, making 79 defensive tackles and another 27 on special teams. He also caught a touchdown pass.

Harris, who was slated to become a free agent on Feb. 9, will join former teammate Delvin Breaux, who signed with the Saints last winter. He also becomes the second Ticat to join an NFL team this off-season after receiver Terrell Sinkfield signed with Minnesota Vikings.

Good for him. Well deserved. But crap! Didn't want to lose him.

Sigh!!!!! Good for my Saints :smiley: Bad for my Cats :cry: See ya Eric you will be missed......Best of luck to ya in the Bayou buddy. At least you'll be reunited with the Breaux Show who I remember reading somewhere was one of your closest friends when you both played here in the Hammer.

Your freakin Saints Bobo. Why they stealing all our cats man! :cry:

Good luck Harris, give email hell down there!

It makes me wonder if maybe Austin will go after Venables in FA as Harris's replacement ? I wonder how much it would cost us to pry him away from Montreal ? Ya gotta admit that he would look good wearing Black n' Gold this season. Will just have to wait and see what happens comes next Tuesday.

It's crazy I know and if you include the little guy who now plays in Ottawa(no name mentioned)this will make 3 times that the Saints have signed up one of our players in the last couple of seasons.I have to say though that the Saints defence was so BAD last year that I wouldn't be at all surprised if Harris doesn't get a starters job next season with them.

I may have to adopt the saint as my second fav team now.

Oh and I hate auto correct. That was supposed to be 'give em hell' not 'give email hell' lmao

Stud athlete, still young. Perfect NFL prospect. DAMN...we will miss him!

Having met Erik and his lovely family, I can not say enough nice things about this young man. I am very pleased for him and his family ,very sad for us but so pleased for them. I wish them the best of luck for a very bright future. Erik, you will be missed very much. :thup:
The Knight Family.

Sure hate to lose him! but we still have Sears and Murray that have positional experience.

All the best Erik.

My favourite memory was the TD pass you caught against the blew team. I think (?) it was a third down (?) gamble and you came in as a TE - who got overlooked in coverage. Beauty sir.

Erik Harris ?@e_harris_31 · 1h1 hour ago
When people are more excited to see you get an opportunity because of the type of person you are, that's touching. #ForeverGrateful

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Harris, who is listed at 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, said he doesn't have any concerns about getting reacquainted with the American-version of the game. He feels his time in the CFL was valuable.

“I think it might’ve been the best thing that happened to me as far as football," he said. "Coming out of college, I was kind of a hybrid, I was 230 (pounds), I could play safety but I was the weight of a linebacker. Playing at the D-II level, I kind of got away with my athleticism and my weight, so I was kind of a project for the NFL. The CFL helped solidify my skill set and solidify what I can actually do.

“It also helped me grow as a person, it gave me more time to mature. A lot of guys come out of college young and they’re still maturing. They get all that NFL money and temptations and they just don’t know how to say no. Having the time to mature and having a family has really helped me stay grounded with everything.?

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This one's gonna sting for a bit. Exceptional player and even better person.

Congrats to him and his family. I hope he enjoys his time in the NFL and when those days are done he returns to the Hammer for an encore.

For me, it was his fumble rumble, shaking off multiple tacklers, and carrying a few others before finally being brought down 40 yards downfield. If he hadn't been such a force on defence, Austin might have considered converting him to a fullback.

Saw an article (referenced below in another post) that Erik and Breaux were road room mates and did grow close. Sounds like Breaux put in a good word for Erik to get him the workout.

I actually started cheering for the Saints last season because of Breaux (didn't have a favourite NFL team since I didn't watch it enough) and now I'll have two reasons to cheer for them.

Agree 100% bobo - great for him and for his young family, not so great for the Ticats but we know Austin will have a plan. Erik will certainly be missed though by fans and team mates alike! Very talented player and even better person.

Saw this article and read it - along with one or two others. Funny isn’t it how the CFL HELPED Erik become a better player while another high-profile player signed by a competitor was SO sure that the CFL was making his play worse! :roll: :lol:

Gee, I wonder who you could be talking about ? :lol: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

From Drew Edwards

How did Erik Harris become a Saint?
Help from the Breaux Show

Posted on February 4, 2016 by Drew Edwards

[b]During their two seasons as road roommates with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Erik Harris and Delvin Breaux used to talk about playing in the NFL all the time. Breaux made it happen last winter, signing with the New Orleans Saints and enjoying a stellar rookie campaign.

Then he helped Harris get there, too.

It was Breaux who put in a good word with the Saints coaching staff, selling both the on-field abilities (excellent speed packed into a 6-foot-3, 225-pound frame) and an off-field work ethic of his friend and former teammate. The sell job was enough to get Harris a workout on Tuesday in New Orleans.

“I was nervous because it was a shot at the NFL but it was even worse because Delvin was there to support me,? Harris said Wednesday. “I knew he had gone out on a limb for me and I didn’t want to let him down.?

Breaux needn’t have worried. Harris performed well in the on-field drills — it was his only NFL workout — and impressed coaches with his usual combination of humility-infused confidence when they chatted with him afterwards. The Saints need some special teams help (they were ranked 26 of 32 teams by and Harris has played on every kick and coverage unit during his time with the Ticats.

“The fact that I’ve played so much special teams in the CFL was certainly a big help,? Harris said. “It’s my best shot at making the club.?

As Harris ate lunch with Breaux in the cafeteria, agent Gil Scott — who represents both players — hammered out a contract with the Saints front office. Harris signed it and caught his flight home.

“It happened so fast, it was unbelievable,? Harris. “It was like a dream coming true in an instant.?

Harris was slated to become a CFL free agent on Feb. 9 and while he was hoping for an NFL opportunity, he was fully prepared to return to Canada. As a strong-side linebacker — a hybrid position that requires a defensive back’s quickness and a linebacker’s physicality — Harris would have likely drawn interest from several CFL teams.

“Gil and I talked about that, for sure,? Harris said. “But if this is a legitimate NFL opportunity — and we think it is — I didn’t want to pass it up and then always wonder ‘what if?’?

Reaction on social media from Ticats fans to news of Harris’ departure — it broke late Tuesday night — was universally positive and heartfelt. Harris has been active on Twitter and Instagram and has clearly formed a connection with the community.

He got stuck at the Buffalo Airport after the birth of his twins during his rookie season and cabbed it home after several ride offers from fans fell through (it cost him $190.) He’s used Instagram to chronicle the ongoing adventures in parenting posed by sons Isaiah and Elijiah, now two-and-half. Harris isn’t a star but those that closely follow the team feel like they know him.

On Wednesday, Harris repeatedly conveyed his appreciation for the city, team and fans that gave him his start in pro football and then took to Twitter to express those sentiments directly.

“When people are more excited to see you get an opportunity because of the type of person you are, that’s touching,? he wrote. “#ForeverGrateful?[/b]

Harris must’ve absolutely killed it in that first and only workout to impress them that much that he got signed immediately after it.
Well I guess the one positive about some of our recent player losses(Breaux,Harris,Sinkfield)is that none of them got signed by other CFL teams. If you ask me it speaks loudly about our recruitment,scouting and player development that these three have all gone on to the NFL. Breaux already went on to have a very successful first season in the league and here’s hoping that both Sinkfield and Harris can follow it up and do the same next season as well.