Erik Harris shows the love for The Hammer



Harris is a class act. Happy for his success. :slight_smile:

Erik Harris was the man in Oakland tonight. Pick 6, another pick and two almost picks.
Player of the game.

He is as humble as ever, even after going big time.

We need to keep finding those diamonds in the rough.

An alumni moving on to greater things is a real joy to see.

Great job tonight Erik.


What is this thread doing on this board?

This is a CFL site and this is a Tiger Cat board. There is a board for mentions of other leagues!!!

I don’t like the NFL and I come here because the NFL is not supposed to be mentioned!!!


It annoys me how we will give mention to a competing sport!!!

This thread just glorifies a traitor!!!



  • There, did I forget anything? ?

Mark (who now is practicing being a curmudgeon seeing as how he has joined the fraternity of those who are as old as the hills)

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Too funny…but sadly it’s what some posters will think.

We can’t refer to Erik Harris as an ex-Ticat because we all know he still bleeds Black and Gold!

Love Erik Harris, & happy for him that things are going so well. He never forgets the Ticats.

Saw a video this morning on twitter though that described him as a “CFL cast-off”, which clearly wasn’t the case.

IIRC it was Delvin Breaux who got him a tryout with the Saints a few years ago. DB the DB is a class act. I’m so glad he is on my team.

X 2

I would imagine he would never forget the team that helped him go from making chips to making $3.25 million a year. Should help to increase the number of players showing up at CFL tryouts. Let’s hope Delvin doesn’t shop to many of our current players to the NFL

Would be interesting to attend the next tryout in Buffalo. Does anybody know when it is and if its open to fans/season ticket holders.

Watching Harris’ 3 intercepts in the first half against the Chargers, I was reminded of another Gruden safety. John Lynch of the Bucs ran the pass patterns ahead of the Raider receivers as Tampa Bay destroyed the silver and black in the Super Bowl .

Harris and Gruden are a great combination. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( I know 2 intercepts counted but Harris caught 3 of them )

Any relation to John Lynch, Pat?

I just literally bought a John Lynch jersey last week, for the Bucs game in Seattle. Unfortunately Bucs fell a little short.

Was thinking of getting a Raiders Harris jersey and sewing a ticat crest on the front left corner.

I had an uncle with the same name but back in the old sod , Lynch is a pretty common name . If I wanted to honour John Lynch today, I’d buy a 49er jersey because he’s their GM . The number on the jersey would be 47 . The Niners are getting better every year under his guidance.

I like your Ti-Cat crest idea on the Raider jersey . I’ve always hated the Raiders but since Harris and Gruden arrived, I’m mellowing . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old Irish guy)

Erik Harris is with the Falcons now
He blows up this Receiver
He may have left Hamilton,
Hamilton never left him


Missed this one: "Who is this Erik guy (Trevor's twin brother?), and why does he love hammering?

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Hope that comment is sarcasm

I'm glad I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2015