Erik Harris' fumble recovery..

Did anyone else notice that on the first fumble in the game, when Erik Harris picked the ball up, the play was still live. He ran a few yards, dropped the ball, and then picked it up. The official blew the play dead because nobody picked up on the live ball. Does anyone have the game PVR'd and can confirm this??

Although I didn't PVR the game, what I can recall, being at THF I think the official blew the play dead saying the returner was tackled and it took an Austin challenge to overturn the call. That would be why Erik Harris dropped the ball (because he heard the whistle?). I await others who did PVR the game to either confirm or correct this. I would be very interested in what they saw.

Pretty sure I heard a whistle on the play, which would explain why Harris dropped the ball. He probably picked it back up when he realized there was a possible dispute about whether there was a fumble.

The play was blown dead at the original fumble because the official ruled the Als player down by contact. Harris had the immediate recovery, and the other officials were blowing the play dead as he was running. On the challenge, the call was overturned, and because Harris is such a heads-up player and IMMEDIATELY recovered the football, we gained possession at the point of recovery, but cannot advance the football.

Didn't have to PVR as it is all in the game notes:

Qtr No Team Pos D/Y Play
page 1
TELEPHONE: (416) 322-9650 FAX.: (416) 322-9651
1 1 M M35 0/0 (15:00) S. WHYTE Kickoff H17 (58 yds), T. SINKFIELD Kickoff Return (20 yds), W.
VENABLE Special Teams Tackle
1 2 H H37 1/10 (14:54) N. GRIGSBY Run (5 yds), Tackle: B. WOODS
1 3 H H42 2/5 (14:17) Z. COLLAROS Completed Pass to S. GIGUERE (2 yds), Tackle: J. BROWN
1 4 H H44 3/3 (13:48) J. MEDLOCK Punt M17 (49 yds), J. RODGERS Punt Return (5 yds), A.
GASCON-NADON Forced Fumble , J. RODGERS Fumble , E. HARRIS Fumble Recovery M22 , E.
HARRIS Fumble Return (0 yds)
CHALLENGE: Hamilton challenged the player was down by contact. After review, the play
was deemed a fumble and recovery by Hamilton.
Montreal holding penalty on the play
declined by rule.

So the whistle did go and that is why Erik Harris was not able to advance the ball and why he dropped it. To be safe (I assume) he picked it up again to leave no doubt. (Which is a metaphor for the Domination Defence last night - they left no doubt).

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Mikefrmthhammer: Did you find the league's written play-by-play of the game on-line? If so, can you direct me on how to locate for future reference? Thanks.

It's available on the Ticats website:

[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

I had no idea the play-by-plays were available and really appreciate your leading me to them, Mike.

I'd still like to hear from someone with a PVR. In the highlights, I hear no whistle, and I'm pretty sure I remember the ref closest to the play acting as if it was still live. Would love confirmation.

I just watched it and only heard a whistle after Harris recovery the ball and dropped it again. He then picked it back up. You can see 2 refs spotting the ball as if he was down but a third reference goes to the location Harris dropped the ball. That said, a whistle may have been masked by Mr. Blacks voice.

I think the original ruling on the field was down by contact. Over turned on challenge. Don't know how the officials could have missed it. Not even close IMO.