Eric Wilson n'est plus un Alouette

Plusieurs l'avaient prédit, et c'est maintenant officiel : Eric Wilson a été libéré par les Alouettes.

Regardant les choses aller depuis quelques semaines, il est clair que nous assistons à une profonde reconstruction de l'équipe.

Tant au niveau des entraîneurs qu'au niveau des joueurs, il y a beaucoup d'activité. Il est manifeste que Jim Popp et ses comparses en sont venus à la conclusion que l'équipe n'était pas sur la bonne voie pour se maintenir parmi les meilleures de la ligue.

Je dis "reconstruction" parce qu'il y a du mouvement pratiquement à toutes les positions. L'an dernier, on pouvait voir que certaines positions en particulier avaient été ciblées, ce qui ne semble pas le cas cette année. Également, on assiste avec le départ de Stewart et Wilson à la perte de deux joueurs qui pouvaient assumer un rôle de leadership à la ligne défensive. Il semble que l'équipe a décidé qu'elle devait se découvrir de nouveaux leaders, ce qui m'apparaît maintenant comme un rôle que Bowman devra apprendre à assumer.

Saluons les bons et loyaux services de Wilson, qui a toujours été un joueur d'équipe généreux, un type sympathique et un leader positif. Espérons que l'avenir saura lui rendre plus que la mesure de ce qu'il a donné ici et ailleurs.

Huh non. What I see is a major overhaul to the guys that were playing special teams. A huge contest at kick return and some new DB's and defensive ends. Exactly what we pretty much all said we needed.

Thank you Eric. :thup:

… plus des receveurs, des porteurs de ballon, un garde, des plaqueurs défensifs, sans compter les entraîneurs. Ça fait du mouvement un peu partout, et c’est vrai, nous avions presque tous identifié plus particulièrement les demis défensifs, les retours de bottés et les ailiers défensifs.

No's a major overhaul.

My 1st reaction is "There goes our great run defence"
But who knows who/what will end up in his stead.

Thanks for your efforts Eric.

There's at least one person here who knows what you brought to this team
Week after week.

Profound reconstruction?
I said it last year...time for a "youth movement" to begin
And then what do they do?
Declare early and without equivocation "Calvillo the Grey"
Is our starting quarterback

As with everything else that's half-baked
This will not rise
And will be completely un-palatable

I look forward to telling everyone how right I was...
And before the season we go...

(I imagine this is the only fun I'm going to get out of the 2012 season
so get used to it...
I've got a Bruins management that's living on past accomplishments
And as of yet refusing to spend a red cent to bolster the team...
So I'm pissed.)

Possible, mais je vais attendre de voir l’équipe dument constituée avant de dire qu’il s’agit réellement d’un rajeunissement. Quand on met Hunt dans la balance, le rajeunissement prend des rides.

now that it's done and out of the way we can all enjoy the 2012 season. :wink:

Look who’s back: Mr. Cry baby pessimist himself! I’m surprised you have the gall, and the hubris to still post here. You are too chicken to post on als inside out, where Gabe, Nitro and Johnny all caps tore you a new one last week.

I just learned a new word. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Okay is it just me or . . . is it not inconsistent to, on the one hand, whine about AC not being moved out so someone younger can take over for him, and on the other hand whining about Stewart and Wilson being moved out so someone younger can take over for them ?

You want to do it in a gradual way. I remember the Bombers having to change 7 starters in one off season and they went on a five year slide. Your hear he Als are old , the Als are old and that's not the case. We have an "older" QB and one older linesman.

Look at Toronto, they had 13 guys over 32 and they had to make a pile of changes this year and they still have five or six and they are rebuilding.

Yeah, everyone thinks we're old, because Calvillo and Flory are old, but the team as a whole is young, and that's exciting for us.

And now he's not a football player either. Thanks for everything Eric.

RIP coach Stewart. No one has come close to breaking Mike Pringle's single season 2,000 yard rushing mark thanks to that O-line in 1998.

4 sans de difference c'est enorme dans la carriere d'un joueur de football. Wilson a passe 5 ans avec les Alouettes. Si Hunt performe de la meme facons. ca nous enmene en 2016...

I could not agree with you more. :thup:

Couldn't sign with another team, more proof that releasing him was the right move. I wish Eric all the best in his life after football.

No idea what you're referring to
Been Oot and Aboot
As per usual in the off season
Back now to the Als however
Thx for thinking of me in my absence
Nice to be missed

The position is always nebulous and hard to judge
Somewhat akin to a hair-ball that clogs your drain
Only in this case...guys like Wilson specialize in clogging up the middle
Allowing others to get all the glory

There's never much appreciation for the work
Until you're gone
And your absence is suddenly felt

Eric Wilson was the heart of one of the best run-defences the Alouettes have ever had
It's a shame that people who spend inordinate amounts of time
Supposedly thinking about football
Before they actually comment about it
Allow the subtleties of the game to completely escape them's always reassuring to get up in the morning
And hear the hens clucking yet again


Your one strange cat Lmao!