Eric Tilman hired by Ti-Cats

.....I'll start off by saying the guy sure knows the CFL , although some strange moves in Edmonton make me wonder IF he still has it and any credibility...He literally,singlehandedly traded the franchise qb. in Edm., for a bag of kicking tees... He had some baggage before he landed the job with the Esks. as well...What the cats want with him is a mystery...He sure won't be their pr guy...Message to out for strange trades that he might want Austin to make... :lol: Good luck

If it was anywhere else but consultant I might have an issue with this.But if we get Tillman's book of contacts, some extra knowledge to fall back on should Austin need a helping hand once in a while, I don't see why not.
However if we see Fantuz, Chris Williams, Peter Dyakowski and our first overall pick traded to SSK for a 6th string WR should we just assume who's idea it was? :lol:

One more reason for me to hate the Ti-Cats :twisted: .

No, no... now is the time for Mack to offer him Renaud,Pencer and one of his 4 lame QB's for Burris !

You have had it for the last couple of years. His book is, and has always been, titled, Joe Womack. This is nothing but a payback from Austin for Tillman letting him get out of his contract in Sask. to go down south.

Better yet Mack should sign Jyles and trade Austin/Tillman straight up for Burris. As long as Hamilton is also willing to include their first round pick for the next two seasons. Mack can throw in a sixth rounder in 2019.

They have a solid relationship, and it seems like a pretty smart move for Austin. He knows who he wants where and all, but he still doesn't have the contacts that ET does. This seems like a solid move.

....I think we could also throw in a bag of kicking tees....that's the kind of thing that gets Erics attention..AND
I hope one of Erics first suggestions to Austin, is to go off the board with their first draft pic this year... :lol:

Yeah... Move that Allemang out of the way and draft Lokombo with their first pick :smiley:

For Burris? That's a no-brainer, I would make the trade in a heartbeat. I would even throw in the Geritol....

My Argos should have hired ET first.

no way, MY argos should have hired ET first. Flying bike and all