Eric Tillman?

For whatever reason Eric Tillman’s departure did not seemingly garner much attention. He just seemed to fade away.

Was he fired? Did he quit? Is it true that he’s working for the potential Halifax franchise?

Yes, Eric Tillman is vice-president of football operations for the Atlantic Schooner. His contract with the Tiger-Cats expired in December. Eric is bringing his unique brand of uselessness to the Maritimes.

Do you have source, or link, to confirm Tillman’s hiring out east, Frank? It was rumoured as about to happen, and seemed likely, a couple of months ago, but I haven’t seen, or heard, anything further. I just followed dork’s instructions and don’t see any mention of him, anywhere beyond that, or on the Atlantic Schooners’ website.

Well Frank, I disagree with your comments in regard to Eric Tillman. He is a good football executive . He’s worked for the Lions, Argos, Renegades, Sask Riders, Edmonton, TiCats and now the Schooners .
His scouting has always been top notch and the Schooners couldn’t have a more knowledgeable executive running an expansion franchise . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So welcome to the site Frank. Your opinions are certainly welcome.

Pat Lynch (the old Tillman fan)

Just Wikipedia for whatever that’s worth.

Pat - Tillman was great at his job in Regina, but as far as I’m concerned, his scouting for the Cats was seriously sub par. I can’t think of many American unknowns not related to Kent Austin or June Jones coming to Hamilton and making much impact. And your opinion is valued by me too.


Hahaha. Friendly place!
But Ok.

How many players have we brought in since 2013 that were previously known to Austin and JJ?

I’ll start: Tasker

It was apparently widely reported

Regardless, good riddance. The Art Briles debacle happened under his watch, which is bad enough. However, that aside, he was a GM in name only for his stay in Hamilton. If a GM is outranked by the head coach, he’s not a GM, he’s a glorified scout and operations guy, and the team began it’s downward trend the second he became GM, so whatever the heck he was doing, it wasn’t working.

Jeff Matthews.

I don’t know what member of the Cat’s scouting staff was at a mini-camp somewhere in the States in the spring of 2017, but that’s where Jalen Saunders was found. And Jalen (Oklahoma and Fresno State) doesn’t have a Hawaii, Cornell, Mississippi State connection, so he’s the only guy I’ve got who’s come to Hamilton and made an impact.

We had a couple of good LBs that left us this past off season that were Tillman guys I think.

Sometimes situations are experienced differently. We can all share our own truths.

Tillman is last year’s news.

Time to focus now on Burke/Allemang guys.

Well, more then the number of free agents he brought in as GM I suppose. That list consists of two


That’s just not going to cut it.

Thankfully, it looks like the new guard isn’t making the same mistake, having already signed 6 from other teams.

And Mitchell. Can’t forget Mitchell.

Nah. Mitchell doesn’t really have a say. ;D


Does “our own truths” equal “opinion” or our “version” of events? It would seem to me that truth should mean fact and, as such, shouldn’t there just be “the truth”?