Eric Tillman

I am not joking in the least about this,,

What would it take to bring back Tillman ? He was/is brilliant, and had excellent connections .. He used to come onto the webpage and convo with us fans on Riderville, personable convos that were down to earth and really informative..

Pooch out BT and bring back ET ....... (I expect a bunch of weird comments on this likely)

I guess though that he is currently employed as some sort of consultant with the Tigercats

No no no no and NO!

There are sitting members of the board that are extremely unlikely to bite on that

Its too bad really,, amongst other moves he orchestrated were :

Bringing Kent here as HC

Bringing in Darian, Rob Bagg, Weston Dressler, Omar Morgan, Getz, John Chick, Stevie Baggs and Corey Holmes ..........

also during his time here "hosted three consecutive home playoff games and played in two Grey Cups.[17] In 2007, the Roughriders won their third ever Grey Cup"

Although I would love to see Tillman as GM here again that boat has sailed even with the "Code of Conduct" taking a back seat under the current regime in recent years. I don't think he would even consider an offer from the Roughriders if offered it.

Shivers brought in Darian, Morgan and Holmes. Tillman did a good job but the table was already set. All he really added was Cates and DJ Flick. Austin was ok as HC, not great. Riders won because they were a strong team but also the only team in the league whose QB didn't get killed at some point during the season. Ray got hurt (shoulder), Pierce got hurt, Burris got hurt, Allen got hurt (Philion broke his leg), Hamilton was terrible (and Maas got hurt), AC got cancer and Kevin Glenn busted his wrist in the 4th quarter of the EF. Even God stepped in to help the RIders, he sent a lightning bolt down when Edmonton had the lead with 10 mins to go, disrupted the Esks momentum and the Riders came out after the 1 hour break to come back and win. The Riders had zero adversity that year, in fact you could say they had anti-adversity.

Joseph missed 2 starts resting a sore knee mid season and went into the playoffs at 100% health.

Tillman spent 2006 working for TSN and used that entire time to BASH Roy Shivers continually, knowing that Tillman himself was on the short list of names to potentially take his job. Conflict of interest? Maybe.

Tillman criticized Shivers on the grounds of morality, that he was not a nice person and did not deserve the job.

Tillman took over the Riders and preached his Christian values (that's fine in itself I'm not for or against that) which made him superior to Shivers. Ok fine.

Tillman announced a short list of coaching candidates (Austin, Richie, Cortez and Hall) and went on record saying that he would interview all four before making a decision. Apparently Richie quickly said no on the phone. Both Hall and Cortez were on public record that they were never interviewed for the HC job despite the fact that their offices were just down the hall from Tillman's. Tillman never seriously considered hiring either of them, so his forthright statement that he would diligently interview all 4 candidates was a straight up LIE. Cortez himself was so miffed that he thumbed his nose at the Riders for a sideways move to be OC of Calgary just because.

Then Tillman had the babysitter incident which I believe was very unfortunate for him more than anything, BUT he DID spend the 2 years bashing Shivers and playing the self righteous Christian card so he is full value for putting that egg on his own face.

Then he takes over in Edmonton and trades a HoF QB in his prime to the Argos for a jock strap and a kicking tee, prompting rumors of conspiracy. Rumors nonetheless but they did rank decently on the plausibility scale. At the very least this was the worst trade the league has seen since the days of Joe Galat.

So this is not just one isolated incident, this is a looong timeline of trust issues, both in his character and in his football business dealings. I do not trust Tillman in the slightest. He has had many many many chances in this league, but all he has proven is that he is a self righteous liar and cheater.

I am so done with Tillman.

Forgetting about Bagg, Dressler, Getzlaf (aka the core of our receiving for the last how many years), Joseph, Chick?

We were on the brink of being a dominant football team with Tillman as GM. He found two good coaches in Kent Austin then Ken Millar. Since that point we brought in Taman who has missed the playoffs once, won a Grey Cup, and has had the worst start this season since the dreadful 1990s.

Still, you can't bring a guy back who left on the terms Tillman did in Saskatchewan.

well everyone knows he's with Hamilton, and they don't seem to think it's a problem, but I still think are injuries are way over the top here . so lets just see what the young q.b.'s can do for the rest of the year and take it from there.?? we could come out with a grat prospect, and maybe a d.c. ??? I'm not to sure if it's too much for cory or what the problem is there/

If Chamblin is not already fired it is because both he and Taman are fired at the end of the season...that decision will have been made...the only way out of it is a GC appearance.

well that could be, I guess they have to worry about filling that knew stadium. hum can't afford to have a bad team or our taxes will go way up.

90's? Try worst start since 1979.

Yes I missed Chick in 2007, but the other guys came later. I was talking about who he added to win the GC in 2007, as in the team Shivers left him was already set up to win.

That's the thing though, being a good GM is not only about winning NOW, it is about setting your team up for continued success.
He also brought in of course Austin, who Roy would have never brought in, that made that team gel as he would have stuck with Barrett.

If you are accrediting Roy with the 2007 success then you absolutely 100% have to attribute Tillman with the most successful era in Roughrider recent history including 2013 as much of the core of the team is from his era.

Then you would have to credit the missed playoffs in 2011 to Tillman as well. He let the team, particularily the o line, get old. Taman, to his credit, has found/signed some pretty good offensive linemen. He was also responsible for bringing in Sheets in 2012 who was a big reason for offensive success those two years.

I never said that Tillman didn't do good job or even a darn good job. All I said was Tillman didn't have to do a ton to make that team a champion. It was already very strong. And Tillman did a great job of leeping the team strong through the end of '09. As for post Tillman success, 'absolutely 100%'? I don't think so. Right after 2009 Taman and Miller began dismantling that defense (because they were idiots) and then Taman and CC had to rebuild it all from scratch. Other than Chick coming back, the entire defense from 2012 on has zero to do with Tillman.

Roy would have let Danny coach that team forever, and that was his biggest down fall. We could have tasted a lot more success earlier if he had the balls to fire a very mediocre coach who had a pretty good roster of players. Roy always found good players, he wasn't good at assembling a good coaching staff.

And no, Tillman is never coming back.