Eric Tillman

So ET has signed Kerry Joseph to help the Esks on their playoff run. He's turned the team into a winner in only a few short weeks...

meanwhile Rider management continues to be invisible

Were Joe Paopao and Condredge Holloway not available as ex-Ottawa players?

LOL. Well at least Joseph can still play. Since RR is still hurting, KJ at least gives them an experienced back up for Zabransky.

here in Riderland, Taman remains invisible. Has anyone heard from him since he was hired?

ITs' amazing how if Rider nation would've kept Tillman, we'd be the sickest, poorest excuse for a football club in the world. People from all walks of life would've called us redneck, hicks in favour of supporting a convicted child abuser.

But Edmonton picks him up and he's suddenly a smart move that is good for Edmonton.

Sometimes people annoy me.

Well Gotta give Tillman some credit here.

He has made some good moves already and the Esks I believe (and fear) will be a really good team next season....

sigh. :cry:

I don’t have to give Tillman anything. You can give him anything you want, but that doesn’t apply to me.

buddy, personal feelings aside (ya the guy stepped over his bounds) he is likely going to turn that Eskimo team into another contender very soon!

It sucks because that means we’re once again going to be looking at the Esks from below the Standings like we did from 1977 to 2005…

I hope not… but I don’t see our team necessarily becoming better than we already are.

Well first off he isn't a "convicted child abuser" - nice to see someone fall for every internet myth.

Secondly, his off field legal troubles have nothing to do with his ability to run a football team.

I read a lot of the quotes in the Edmonton Journal when Tillman was hired. 50/50 mix. Fact is he is not a convicted criminal, he has NO crime record at all. Second there is only ONE party that knows truly what he did and that is the family involved. They tried to back out of the charges but once started the police can not stop an investigation. The family forgave him and wanted him to stay with the Riders. It's easy to sit on the outside a make judgements but the facts point against him being a criminal.

He is convicted.
He was found guilty.
He was discharged afterwards.
There's no sentence and no record, but that doesn't mean he wasn't guilty.
Guilty is a synonym for convicted.

Just because I don’t plan on giving Tillman anything, doesn’t mean I have any personal feelings about the issue. Tillman is good at what he does. That isn’t me giving him anything, that’s just him doing what he gets paid for.

I reiterate, I give Tillman nothing.

Ya, I don't remember how pleading guilty but no criminal record all fits in anymore. Where is legalBeagle when you need him. Anyways, I'll still stand by the families decisions and no other posters opinions on his guilt.

No doubt though that he'll improve that team in short order.

Okay, I'll bite ... here we go again.

Thryllin is right and wrong at the same time. At the moment that a plea of guilty is entered and accepted by the court in respect of a charge under the Criminal Code, the accused is convicted of a criminal offence. However, the moment that an absolute discharge is granted, the accused cannot be considered as being a "convicted criminal". I don't recall if it was minutes, hours, days or weeks in Tillman's case between the guilty plea being entered and the absolute discharge but that is the only period where it is true that Tillman had the status of a "convicted criminal".

To say that he "is" a convicted criminal is inaccurate. To say that he "was" a convicted criminal may be true but is undoubtedly misleading since it applied for a mere fraction of time in the scheme of one's life.

it was deemed a class 2 sexual assault. Tillman, after talking to both sides lawyers, changed his plea to guilty to avoid making the rather devastated girl from taking the stand. While he claimed cloudy to no recollection of the event due to the pain killers he was on, he never actually denied that the allegations took place. Judges generally show mercy to those who seem to show true remorse. he apologized emphatically to everyone, and plead guilty. Taking this into account, in combination with his lack of criminal record, and track record for positive community involvement the judge was obviously going to go lighter on Tillman.

when this all first came out, nobody really knew details. Worst case scenario was assumed (class 1 sexual assault). There was no intercourse, hitting, entrapment, extreme force, vulgarity, ect...he was wasted on meds and groped her. Since the original charge was a low classification of [b]summary charge[b], the verdict would have brought Tillman a fine and community service, not jail (aka a misdemeanor). All of this, along with the cooperation and sympathy mentioned in the first paragraph, meant that the only reduction available to Tillman was to grant an absolute discharge. That means you pay a fine and don't get a record.

I am not saying that what Erik did was good, and I don't think he would ever try to either...but drugs or not, the guy had a lapse in an otherwise squeaky clean background. It was not a crazy assault or anything, but it was inappropriate. I don't think that he is in any way a daily, semi-regular or even a high risk or low risk repeat offender. Therefore, the ruling seems fair. Criminal records are supposed to be a manner of rehabilitation and documenting repeat and high risk record was required here.

If you want a couple links to some good articles on this case, I know I have them tucked away. Let me know and I will dig a few out.

and no, I don't think he ever was a convicted criminal. He was given a discharge...not a pardon. He was charged with a crime...that is about it.

You know what tho, Edm BoD was so damn desperate. They hired him to distract their own firing. They were all about to be lynched so they bring in ET, who will turn the team around, but take the attention off their own stupidity. They just secured their jobs for a few more years. They even admitted to the fact that tey had decided to hire ET earlier than announced but wanted the media to basically test the waters for them with stories of speculation. Once they pissed everyone off and the waters calmed a little, they announced that they indeed hired ET for the job. What a sad bunch of losers , Lelacheur and the gang!