Eric Tillman?

Its been awhile since I’ve lived in Edmonton so I’m out of touch with the general sense of community standards now in place.
How would the community respond to Eric Tillman? Would they welcome him as a good football guy or would he be constantly be thought of as a degenerate?
I’m not suggesting he’s available, interested or if he is even being considered. Just wondering if the community would accept him?

As stated in another thread by Chief that a GM being hired won't be anytime soon. Tillman is a candidate for sure, but may come with some baggage. There is a list of candidates available, so here are two names that are out there I'd like to see get the job; Greg Mohns and Mike McCarthy. Having said that, in the writeup from Lelacheur there was 2 key words: NORTH AMERICAN search. Could it be that Edmonton is possibly looking to hire Roy Shivers? He may come with a price tag if he is considered to be the next Eskimo's GM. Thoughts?

My point of this thread was to ask ONLY if community standards would allow Tillman to be hired?

My personal answer to your question would be NO. I don't think I stand along either.

Didn't Roy Shivers kind of wreck Saskatchewan?

I don't speak for everyone, but my personal opinion on Tillman is I wouldn't mind having him. He built one hell of an organization in Regina. He put great athletes together and created a winning culture, something this organization hasn't had in years.

I agree , He served his time , lets move on . He was my first thought when I heard DM had been fired . I’m not sure the whole truth had come out on the Tillman case.

Agreed. Tillman is extremely good at unearthing solid CFL talent Stateside. Also, he has been a consistent, proven winner wherever he has gone (minus the Ottawa fiasco).


The Esks' BoD aren't nearly stupid enough to let that happen. If you think the outcry against Maciocia was bad... well multiply that by 1000. Fans would demand refunds on season tickets and stay away from the games. Why? Because what ET did goes far, far beyond the football field. His excuses were flimsy at best and he pleaded guilty. The Esks and their community would not tolerate having that associated with their team. And rightly so.

It'll be many years before ET cleans that smell off of himself. And then, maybe, he may find a home in the CFL.

I'm not saying he's not capable, it's just that you don't pretend serious indiscretions never happened just because someone can do a good job.

I'm satisfied with the trio of Hervey (eventually WILL be the Esks GM, and will be a darn good one at that), MacKinnon (who I'm not sold on because he's our Canadian scout and we've done so very poorly in our drafting for many years in a row) and Jones on an interim basis.

No, Roy didn't wreck Saskatchewan. He took over a team that had nothing and was going nowhere, and turned it into a team that made the playoffs regularly.

For a variety of reasons (the discussion threads about said reasons are now reported to occupy a full 23% of internet space, so I won't rehash them here) the team under him would was not going to reach the next level. But the team ET inherited from Shivers was a very good one, and light years better than the collection of stiffs Roy inherited.

I would stand behind the Eskimos if they hired Eric Tillman, who cares what he did in Sask? Were talking about football ladies and gentlemen, not what he does in his personal life. Most of us want a team that not only wins (although we havent done that this season) but looks GOOD doing it. And i think Eric Tillman, will bring that to the Eskimos organization if he is hired as GM. Bring in Tillman, forget and dont care what hes done in the past and lets win for gods sake. Like i said, its FOOTBALL not human resources.

I think PR's post is a little over the top. If I remember correctly, Tillman wasn't found guilty.

I don’t know how anyone can put the success of an entertainment commodity (and face it, that’s what pro sports is) over the betterment of society.

Eric Tillman entered a Guilty plea on January 4, 2010. He was not found neither guilty or not guilty, but rather was given an “absolute discharge”. Read between the lines and you get 'yes he did commit an act of sexual abuse, however the court chose to honour the wishes of the defendant and for all intents and purposes exonerate him to a point. It can not be ignored that the charge remains on his criminal record.

ET still needs several years of rehab before he’s ready to venture back.

Now if you wanted over the top, I’d say that based on the logic of ‘well he’s a good judge of football talent so what’s the big deal about a little sexual abuse’ then… Charles Manson has got a very convincing demeanor… he can get people to do what he wants, maybe we should be thinking about him for a new Marketing guy? THAT is over the top.

What I said wasn’t even close to over the top. Furthermore, what I said tends to be what most knowledgeable Esks fans think. Look beyond the walls of this site and you’ll see I’m right.

Wow... really? I'd be ashamed for a general lack of ethics and morals to even think that.

We are NOT talking just about football. Football is a mere luxury we afford to our society. And if we say that it is okay to reward those who do things that we as a society do not agree with just for the sake of some folly, then we're going down a fast road to anarchy ladies and gentlemen.

If it was all about the game and nothing else, then why was Anthony Calvillio supported when he chose to take a leave of absence from the team to be with his wife when she was very, very ill? Why do we regularly see players be given time off to deal with personal tragedies? And why do we vilify players who do abhorrent things (such as knowing spreading a deadly communicable disease)? Because life and the way we live it is far bigger than the game. The game needs to be played to the standards of our society, not vice versa.

To sum up my last two posts... on the subject of ET in Edmonton... it isn't going to happen - and rightly so - so get over it.

Is it lonely up there on your high horse?

nope. lots and lots of true EE and CFL fans with me on this one. And oddly, not so high that I don’t see straight.

I’m just saying what the majority are feeling. If it makes you feel good to shoot the messenger, that’s unfortunate.

Go Esks Go!!

The Question by flag is: Would the community of Edmonton accept Eric Tillman as a football business man or whatever? The answer is a flat out NO. As for lots of true EE fans with me on this one; You betcha. Once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo; For GOD'S sake bring on Warren Moon. :thup:

I agree with you PR
But i also beleive in a second chance, now maybe im a little out there in saying he should be hired right now, perhaps he does need more time. But I beleive the Esks should hire him to help the franchise, and to help a man whos been through some crap. Ive been told that the past is the past, if its bad, dont make it your future, and for some reason, a handful of people disagree with that. Maybe its because this guys on a higher scale. I guess it comes down to your morals and values though, im displaying mine to you right now, and you just displayed yours, all i can say is whatever happens, i will be happy with, whether its Eric Tillman, or someone other than Danny Mac :cowboy:

I'm all for second chances and I certainly don't begrudge ET getting one. I truly believe that he fully deserves it.

The question, however, is when? When will ET be ready and when will the public at large be willing to accept him back? People need to feel that someone has done their 'penance' before they're ready to forgive and forget.

From what I've heard from Esks' fans, they're not ready for that. And because they aren't ready the Esks would have a huge PR fiasco on their hands. Coming on the heels of a season that started the way it did that is something they sorely do not need.

The Esks fans I know don't seem to have a problem with it.