Eric Tillman Overall Grade As GM

The Edmonton Eskimos hired Eric Tillman as General Manager on September 14th 2010.
The Edmonton Eskimos fired Eric Tillman as General Manager on November 3rd, 2012.

Lets break down all his moves as GM. Note he has taken credit for finding Marcus Howard, Matt Nichols & JC Sheritt. But that is not the case. I may have given him a plus for the move, but he did NOT find those players.

Heres the LONG break down!

Listed below are the transactions he made as GM, i will rank each move from +10 to -10:

September 15 - import RB Daniel Porter signed (+2)
September 25 - import DL Walter Curry signed (+1)
September 28 - import DL Joe Sykes signed, import DL Justin Brown and import LB Leon Joe released (+1)

October 5 - import DB Carlos Thomas signed, import WR Marko Mitchell released (0)
October 12 - non-import K/P Noel Prefontaine traded to Toronto in exchange for Canadian DT Etienne Légaré and the negotiation rights to import DB Damaso Munoz (+5)
October 13 - import WR Derick Armstrong signed; imort QB Matt Nichols signed (+5)
October 18 - import WR Carl Berman released (0)
October 19 - import WR Efrem Hill signed (+1)
October 21 - import KR/WR Jason Armstead signed (+1)
October 25 - import QB Kerry Joseph signed (0)
October 26 - import OL Patrick Afif signed, non-import DL Michael Stadnyk signed (0)

November 2 - import OL Antonio Hall signed (0)
November 5 - import QB Matt Nichols, import LB Damaso Munoz, import DE Joe Sykes, import DB Carlos Thomas and non-import WR Nate Binder released (-5)

December 16 - DB Jason Goss, QB Kerry Joseph, DB Randee Drew, WR/KR Skyler Green and WR Derick Armstrong released. (-2)
December 21 - SB Fred Stamps, DB Chris Thompson and DL Walter Curry re-signed. (+3)

Current Score = +12

January 11 - non-import K/P Chris Bodnar signed (+1)
January 19 - import WR Adarius Bowman signed (+5)
January 24 - import QB Ricky Ray signed extension (+5)
January 28 - non-import DB Joel Lipinski signed (0)
January 31 - import LB Damaso Munoz signed (+2)

February 1 - import WR/KR Ray Fisher signed (0)
February 2 - non-import DB Donovan Alexander signed (+2)
February 4 - import QB Matt Nichols re-signed (+2)
February 7 - non-import WR Chris Bauman signed (-6)
February 10 - non-import OL Kelly Bates released (0)
February 15 - import WR Kelly Campbell, non-import LB/LS Tim St. Pierre and non-import DB Jason Nugent became free agents (0)
February 16 - non-import OL Brian Ramsay signed, non-import DL Jermaine Reid signed (+2)
February 22 - import QB Jason Maas released (-3)

March 2 - import WR Harry Von Kann signed (0)
March 3 - import WR Taye Biddle signed (0)
March 8 - non-import LB Javier Glatt retired (0)
March 10 - import LB Quinton Culberson signed (0)
March 14 - import LB Maurice Lloyd released (+2)
March 15 - non-import DB Delroy Clarke acquired from Toronto in exchange for a 4th round pick in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft (+1)
March 17 - non-import LS Taylor Inglis acquired from Winnipeg in exchange for Edmonton’s picks in the 5th (32nd overall) and 6th (41st overall) rounds of the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft; import DE Kai Ellis and import OL Patrick Afif released (+1)
March 18 - non-import DL Justin Cooper released; import KR/DB Tristan Jackson traded to Saskatchewan in exchange for import DB LaDarius Key (-5)
March 21 - import kicker Justin Medlock, import defensive back Carlos Thomas, Edmonton’s 3rd round (18th overall) and 5th round (34th overall) selections in 2011 draft traded to Hamilton in exchange for 2nd overall selection (13th overall) in the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft and the negotiation list rights to non-import defensive back Dalin Tollestrup; K/P Louie Sakoda signed. (-4)
March 22 - import DT Dario Romero released (-3)
March 24 - import KR Brandon James signed (-3)
March 31 - non-import WR Andre Talbot retires (0)

April 1 - import DL Julius Williams signed (+2)
April 4 - non-import K/P Jamie Boreham and non-import OL Scott Ferguson signed (0)
April 5 - import WR Marcus Henry signed (+2)
April 13 - import DB/LB TJ Hill extends his contract; import RB Brad Lester released (+2)
April 19 - non-import FB Chris Ciezki retired (0)
April 20 - import DT Marcus Adams and import LB JC Sherritt signed (+6)
April 21 - import DB Robbie Vaughn signed, non-import DL Adam Braidwood released (-1)
April 25 - import DB/KR Brian Bonner and import DB Wopamo Osaisai signed (0)
April 29 - import QB Cody Kirby signed (0)

May 2 - import WR Jamaica Rector and import DL Larry Birdine released (-1)
May 4 - non-import SB Kamau Peterson and import QB Jared Zabransky released (-1)
May 6 - Import DB LaVar Glover traded to Edmonton from Winnipeg in exchange for a sixth round selection in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft. (-1)
May 8 - non-import OL Scott Mitchell (1st round, 2nd overall), non-import WR Nate Coehoorn (1st round, 5th overall), non-import DB Hugo Lopez (2nd round, 14th overall) and non-import WR Youssy Pierre (6th round, 46th overall) all drafted by Edmonton. Playing rights to non-import DL Brian Bulcke traded to Calgary in exchange for the Stampeders’ second round selection (14th overall) in the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft. Non-import FB Graeme Bell traded to Saskatchewan in exchange for a sixth round selection (46th overall) in the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft. (-2)
May 9 - non-import QB Marc Mueller, import DB David Pittman and import DB Brian Logan signed (+1)
May 11 - import WR/KR Jonathan Holland signed (0)
May 16 - import DB Lawrence Gordon and import DL Kenny Pettway released (-2)
May 17 - import DB Darrick Brown signed (0)
May 18 - non-import DB Mike Miller and import LB Rory Malone signed (+1)
May 25 - import DB Hugo Lopez signed (0)
May 26 - import QB Jason Maas retired (0)
May 27 - import DL Matt Moss and import DL Almondo Sewell signed, import DB Lenny Walls, non-import LB/LS Neil Puffer, non-import K/P Jamie Boreham and non-import DL Mike Stadnyk released (-1)
May 30 - non-import DL Ted Laurent selected in the CFL Supplemental Draft in exchange for Edmonton's 2nd round pick in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft. (+5)
May 31 - non-import OL Scott Mitchell, non-import WR Nate Coehoorn and non-import WR Youssy Pierre signed (+2)

June 4 - non-import DB Elliott Richardson, non-import K/P Chris Bodnar, import WR Jason Barnes, non-import DB Saleem Borhot, import K/P Louie Sakoda, import DB LaVar Glover and import QB Cody Kirby released (-1)
June 6 - import K/P Damon Duval signed (+1)
June 7 - import OL Cliff Washburn and import QB Eric Ward signed (+1)
June 8 - import DL Un'Tavious Scott, import DB Robbie Vaughn and non-import DB Joel Lipinski released; Import KR/WR Larry Beavers and import QB Kerry Joseph signed (0)
June 9 - import WR Jason Barnes signed; Import DB Darrick Brown released (+2)
June 11 - import DB Lenny Walls signed. (+1)
June 14 - import LB Rory Malone released (0)
June 15 - import OL Stefan Rodgers traded to Edmonton from Hamilton in exchange for future considerations (0)
June 18 - import OL Junius Coston traded to Edmonton from Calgary in exchange for future considerations (+1)
June 19 - non-import RB Jerome Messam traded to Edmonton from BC in exchange for a 5th round pick in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft (+5)
June 20 - import DB CJ Bailey, import DL Walter Curry, import WR Jonathan Holland and non-import QB Marc Mueller released (-1)
June 25 - import DL Marcus Adams, import WR/KR Larry Beavers, import WR Taye Biddle, non-import WR Nate Binder, import OL Junius Coston, import LB Quinton Culberson, import OL Zipp Duncan, non-import OL Scott Ferguson, import LB Will Harris, import DB LaDarius Key, import DB Brian Logan, import DL Matt Moss, import DB Wapamo Osaisai, non-import WR Youssy Pierre, import DB Bryan Quayson, import OL Stefan Rodgers, non-import OL Adam Rogers, import LB JC Sherritt, non-import OL Dale Stevenson, import DB Lenny Walls released (-6)
June 27 - import OL Junius Coston, import DB LaDarius Key, import DB Wopamo Osaisai, non-import WR Youssy Pierre, import LB JC Sherritt and non-import OL Dale Stevenson signed to practice roster (+4)

July 7 - import OL Jeremy Parquet released (-1)
July 12 - import DB LaDarius Key released (-1)
July 14 - import LB Rico McCoy signed (0)
July 20 - import DL Robert Henderson signed (0)
July 31 - import RB Arkee Whitlock and import WR Ray Fisher released (-3)

August 1 - import DL Marcus Howard signed (+5)
August 2 - import DL Almondo Sewell released (-3)
August 8 - import WR/KR Jason Armstead signed (+1)
August 12 - import WR Prechae Rodriguez signed; import WR Reggie McNeal released (-2)
August 15 - import WR Dobson Collins and import OL Devin Tyler signed (+2)
August 16 - import WR/KR Ryan Grice-Mullen and import OL Chris Patrick signed; import WR/KR Brandon James, import OL Cliff Washburn and import DB Rico McCoy released (+1)
August 23 - non-import OL Dylan Steenbergen traded to Edmonton from Montreal in exchange for the Eskimos' 6th round picks in both the 2012 and 2013 Canadian Drafts. (+2)
August 30 - non-import DB Tuff Harris signs (-1)

September 1 - import DB CJ Bailey signs (0)
September 2 - import DB Wopamo Osaisai and import WR/KR Ryan Grice-Mullen released (-1)
September 7 - import DB Denatay Heard signed; non-import WR Brad Smith and import DB Brian Bonner released (0)
September 12 - import LB Mark Restelli returns; non-import DB Ludovic Kashindi and import RB John Goebel sign; import RB Daniel Porter, import WR Prechae Rodriguez, import DL Robert Henderson and import DB Denatay Heard released (-5)
September 19 - import DB Wopamo Osaisai signed (-1)
September 28 - import DL Lee Robinson and import WR Earl Alexander signed (+1)

October 5 - import DL Josh Leonard signed (0)
October 7 - import Joe Burnett signed (+5)
October 12 - import RB Hugh Charles traded to Edmonton from Saskatchewan in exchange for a conditional selection in the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft; import WR Earl Alexander, DL Josh Leonard and DB Tuff Harris released (+4)
October 20 - import DB Ramon Broadway signed (0)
October 25 - import DB CJ Bailey released (-1)

December 7 - import RB/KR Hugh Charles and non-import DB Delroy Clarke re-signed (+2)
December 8 - import DL Steven Friday signed (+1)
December 12 - import QB Ricky Ray traded to Toronto in exchange for import QB Steven Jyles, non-import K/P Grant Shaw and a first round draft pick (2nd overall) in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft. (-10)
December 16 - non-import OL Greg Wojt re-signed (+1)
December 19 - non-import K Derek Schiavone re-signed (-1)
December 30 - non-import RB Calvin McCarty re-signed (+1)

Current Score: +26

January 6 - non-import OL Kyle Koch and non-import DL Etienne Legare signed (+1)
January 10 - import LB Simoni Lawrence and import WR/KR Derrick Townsel signed (+1)
January 12 - non-import OL Patrick Kabongo, non-import WR Chris Bauman and import DB Wopamo Osaisai released (+1)
January 13 - import SB Jason Barnes released (-5)
January 16 - import OL Mitch Erickson and import LB Derek Domino signed (0)
January 18 - import KR/WR Jason Armstead, import DB Jykine Bradley, import OL Chris Patrick and import DL Joe Sykes released; import DB Michael Ricks signed (-2)
January 24 - import SB Fred Stamps re-signed (+1)

February 1 - import K/P Eric Wilbur signed; import K/P Damon Duval released (-1)
February 3 - non-import OL Simeon Rottier signed (+2)
February 6 - import DL Rashad Jeanty signed (+2)
February 10 - non-import WR Andrew Nowacki re-signed (0)
February 13 - import DL Ko Quaye signed (0)
February 14 - non-import RB Jerome Messam signed with Miami Dolphins (-5)
February 15 - import WR Cary Koch, non-import DL Don Oramasionwu signed; import LB Rod Davis, import DL Greg Peach, import LB Mark Restelli and non-import FB Samuel Fournier became free agents. (-5)
February 16 - import WR Greg Carr signed (-3)
February 19 - non-import P Burke Dales signed (+1)
February 22 - non-import WR Matt Carter signed (+1)
February 23 - import K/P Eric Wilbur traded to Winnipeg in exchange for future considerations (-1)
February 24 - non-import OL Aaron Fiacconi released (-2)

March 5 - import OL Junius Coston released (-1)
March 12 - import DB Ricardo Colclough and import OL Xavier Fulton signed (+3)
March 30 - import LB Eric Gordon, import CB Mark Parson and import CB Ronnie Prude signed (+1)

April 10 - import QB Jeremiah Masoli signed (+4)
April 13 - import DB Niles Brinkley and import WR/KR Syndric Steptoe signed (0)
April 16 - import WR Yamon FIgurs signed (-3)
April 23 - non-import WR Aaron Hargreaves signed; import OL Xavier Fulton traded to Saskatchewan in exchange for a conditional draft pick in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft (-6)

May 9 - import LB Harry Coleman and import OL Joe Gibbs signed (-1)
May 14 - import OL Devin Tyler suspended (-4)
May 17 - import RB Cory Ross signed (0)
May 22 - non-import WR Andrew Nowacki and import DB David Pittman released (-3)
May 23 - non-import DL Dee Sterling released (0)
May 24 - import WR Montez Billings, non-import LB Peter Thiel and non-import FB Reed Anderson signed (-3)
May 25 - import LB Merrill Johnson traded to Edmonton from Winnipeg in exchange for a conditional 6th round draft pick in 2014. (-2)
May 29 - import QB Brandon Summers and import DB Pete Ittersagen signed (0)
May 30 - import DB Jimmie Anderson, non-import RB Brett Haenni and import OL Cory Woods signed (0)

June 2 - import QB Eric Ward, import DB Jimmie Anderson and import DL Steven Friday released (-1)
June 3 - non-import LS/LB Ryan King, non-import DL Justin Capicciotti, non-import WR Shamawd Chambers and import OL Joel Bell signed; import DB Mark Parson, import WR Montez Billings and import LB Eric Gordon released (+3)
June 4 - import DB Rico Murray, import DB Denatay Heard and import DL Almondo Sewell signed (+3)
June 5 - import WR Syndric Steptoe released (0)
June 7 - import WR Cordarol Scales signed (+1)
June 12 - import DB Denatay Heard released (-1)
June 14 - import DL Shawn Lemon signed (+1)
June 17 - import fullback Evan Harrington signed; import WR Derrick Townsel, import RB Cory Ross, import LB Derek Domino, import OL Joe Gibbs, import QB Brandon Summers, non-import WR Youssy Pierre, non-import LS/LB Mike Benson released (0)
June 23 - non-import FB Reed Anderson, import LB Harry Coleman, import WR Dobson Collins, import OL Mitch Erickson, import KR Yamon Figurs, import RB John Goebel, non-import RB Brett Haenni, import FB Evan Harrington, import DB Pete Ittersagen, import DL Ko Quaye, import WR Cordarol Scales, import DL Almondo Sewell and import OL Corey Woods released (-5)
June 24 - import K/P Swayze Waters and import LB Clint Kent signed (+3)

July 10 - import RB John Goebel, import DB Rico Murray and import K/P Swayze Waters released (-2)
July 11 - import OL Belton Johnson signed (+1)
July 19 - import KR Tony Logan signed (0)
July 24 - import KR Yamon Figurs released (0)

August 3 - import DE Rashad Jeanty and import FB Evan Harrington released (-4)
August 12 - import RB Cory Boyd signed, non-import WR Aaron Hargreaves released (+3)
August 25 - import DL Claude Wroten released (-1)

September 5 - import WR Greg Carr and a 2013 5th Round pick in the Canadian College Draft traded to Saskatchewan in exchange for the playing rights for non-import OL Matthew O’Donnell and a 2013 4th Round pick in the Canadian College Draft (+3)
September 12 - non-import K/P Derek Schiavone and 1st and 4th round draft picks in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft traded to Montreal in exchange for K/P Brody McKnight (-9)
September 13 - import defensive back Ricardo Colclough and the Eskimos' 6th round pick in the 2015 CFL Canadian Draft traded to Hamilton in exchange for non-import fullback Darcy Brown (-1)
September 17 - non-import OL Matthew O'Donnell signed (+1)
September 25 - import DL Brandon Lang and import DL Alex Daniels signed; import KR Tony Logan released (+2)

October 2 - import DT Kade Weston and import LB Kye Stewart signed (+1)
October 3 - import WR Ed Gant signed (0)
October 11 - import RB Cory Boyd and import DB Ronnie Prude released (-3)
October 15 - import WR Josh Chichester, non-import KR Steven Turner and import Bryan Williams signed (0)
October 21 - import RB Cory Boyd signed (+1)

Overall (Final) score: -21
Not good when you think of it.

Agreed :thup: And even worse the way they treated Boyd like a YoYo this year . still makes me wonder how a guy was so good the first year and a half then was so so bad this last year.

The only thing he has going for him is that it is Edmonton and they don't allow zero's there. :cowboy: