Eric Tillman - GM of the Year in the CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Clearly Eric Tillman is the General Manager of the Year in the CFL. What a job he has done to refit the Riders and lead them to the Grey Cup!!!!!!! The Lions should have never let him go!!!!!!!! :rockin:

if they want to give an award like that for nice turn around of a team then Tillman is a good bet. I think Wally should get some recognition for maintaining a team that constantly wins and has proven depth in very key positions that other teams can only dream of.

Dont think Lions let Tillman go. Think he left for NFL job. Didn't he? Lions were good. Think they had 3 or 4 winning seasons. Won the Cup.

Tillman has made great trades. Hired Austin. Some on here said stupid to hire Austin. Best young coach in CFL now. But season is not over. If Lions win cup gm award should go to Buono. If Bombers win. Award should go to Taman. Austin and Tillman have done a great job. That is for sure. I do say Austin for coach of year. Without Dominguez. Without Cates. Without Szarka. Without Washington. Without Stancil. Riders beat Stamps. Austin is the man.

His red hair clashed with our orange uniforms. He has to go.

Theres not even an award, are you in the trophy business Turk?


To swervin' - you gave me a good laugh- re: Tillman's hair clashing with Lions' uniforms- lol! Good one swervin'!!!!!!

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I don't know about the GM AWARD (Does it even exist?)...but maybe the GW award. (Great Whiner)
Sorry had to get that in there. Certainly, the Rider's have improved, but the way Tillman conducts himself leaves a sour taste in my mouth. What was he doing on the side lines in a furor..talking to the if the cops could do something because Tillman didn't like a call....Tillman needs to bone up on his communication skills.

I agree. Winning a GM award should be based on how one conducts himself and Tillman has a long way to go. Bad mouthing the league and refs, being fined is not award winning. The same holds true with a criminal. If you are fined in court for a criminal act. Does that now mean you should win the citzen of the year award. Maybe these are the standards in Saskatchewan.

Well maybe we should compare, Tillman fined for speaking out against the Lions and for speaking out against the slow response from the league in the Hamilton game.

Wally B fined/repremanded for speaking out against the Perry hit. Fined for speaking out against the call on Jimenez. But better yet, when his own players and fans have accused Jimenez of a dirty illegal hit, he stands up as says..."well this is football...people will get hurt" classic....

Nobody is saying Wally should win an award. You people in Sask. are stating that Tillman should be given an award. That's the difference. Tillman is no role model as some would think. He has to big of a mouth and no respect for the leaque. Rulings can take some time.

housepuupy if you can't read the original post as jest to poke fun at you and bc then i guess you just don't get it.

It would be a sad day if Eric Tillman was given an award by the CFL. He lacks credibility. I did see him on TV yelling at the police. Maybe the leaque should ask that he stay off the sidelines during games. He is unable to restrain and control himself. Maybe he should speak to the new owner in Winnipeg. He loves to get on sidelines and make trouble. Yes Tillman could win an award.

Since when did the Riders hire ET to be beatified and canonized as a Saint? He was hired to take the Riders to the next level, and IMO, he has done a fairly good job so far. If he is executive of the year(there is no specific award for GMs), it will clearly be on the strength of how the team did, not on the fact that everyone expects him to wear a halo over his head.

Some on here such fools. Tillman on field. Shouldn't be there. Yelling at cops. Saw it on tv. Makes it what happened right? I am st holder. Section 2. Right by where players come out. I see better than tv. Tillman was on field most of game. Talking to cops. Not just this game. Been there 3 or 4 games. I have seen him. Why is he there. It said on team website he gave up his game box. To player wives with children. Wanted them to have warm place to watch game. Not get sick and cold. That makes him a jerk? He stands by the end zone. By the cops. Talks to them during game. They talk to him. Some of you are so stupid.

Grow up some of you. Talk football. Not about people you dont know. Lions or Riders win? I say Riders. Congi winning fg.

Not even as executive of the year!..I wasn't impressed with him going to several media outlets,not only in Regina, but Vancouver to complain about Wally Buona and the Lions. Good leaders do that? Not. You didn't see Wally doing that, and he had reason to also. Tillman inherited a team, built up by Shivers and Barrett...Sure he brought in Austin, but that really was a no brainer. Austin's star years were in Regina, and he was axed by the Argos. No other coaches were available. He hasn't earned the respect as yet.

Read the second posts..would you before you spout off. The comment was what was he doing on the side lines in such a furor..talking to the cops,....
And no one said he was a jerk...again read. There was no reporting about him giving up his warm box for others on this forum..and most of us don't go into the Riders why would anyone call him a jerk for that. And be careful who you call "stupid".
Oh and another thing..the thread was about Tillman, and GM of the year..

Furor? Your word. We were all in a furor. Think it was the Holmes penalty. Did you see the Calgary player through the ball at him? Threw it at Holmes hard. Penalty on Rider not Stamps. I booed. Yelled. Screamed. Everyone did. Shivers used to stand same place. I saw him yell at refs. To me it meant he cared about team. This is the CFL. Think we all yell at refs.

Tillman did not go to Media Outlets, they went to him. Just a clarification I think needs making

Did Higgins talk to the media about Jiminez? Was he wrong?

Yes we all yell at refs. I have watched tha game twice, and there shouldn't have been any call on that play, and I suggest that you go back and look at the play, the Calgary Player did NOT throw the ball at Holmes hard. Both were gentle lobs. You know, there were bad calls and also non calls that should have been on both sides. At least some good posters from Sask. recognize that. i.e Did or did not Kerry Joseph cross the LOS before throwing the ball for the SASKS only TD? My pvc said he did, if you can go by the painted lines. We could go on..but won't. Just wait until next weekend...