Eric Tillman for Genius G.M. of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What does Eric Tillman drink in his water. The man is a genius. Think about it, he loses his head coach who leads the team to a Grey Cup win. He loses the MVP quarterback, Defensive line leader Fred Perry, Inspirational Rider Corey Holmes and we are sitting 3-0 with two road wins all under salary cap!! Redheads Rule. So do the Riders. :cowboy:
On the other hand look at the sad Blue Bombers. Managaement stood pat. No upgrades, no trades. 0-3 and headed to BC Place for game 4. Yikes!! Bring back Troy Westwood and start him at quarterback!!!!

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Grey Cup Champs :cowboy:

once a pissant, always a pissant.

so there

Aren't you one of those in the "dirtbag Wally" thread that doesn't like his label? For hame, FYB. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! wooooooo! were oh and Tree!
Green is the Color
Red Hair is the Same
We fluke at football
but can't really play the game!

Ya Go Riders! go back to last place were you belong Since this topic is so limp it dereves a stupid reply to try and match it!

And when it comes to stupid replies, you are certainly the right man for the job!

Agreed Turkey!!!

On a side note: You know what the Riders would make good money off of? Eric Tillman cheopets!!! Just came up with that one! Do you like it?

maybe the riders should sell red headed ants peeing on hawaii, right in the 0 of Paopao's number painted on it :twisted:

Get some new material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can't bring Troy back....The Bombers have the all Canadian All-star Duncan O'Missy! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Paopao failed in BC. Failed as head coach right after he took over for Ritchie and Tillman. Those 2 had 2 or 3 winning seasons in a row. They won the Grey Cup in BC. With Paopao the Lions only won 4 or 5. Paopao failed in Winnipeg. Got fired in the season. Didnt Richie win there to after Paopao left? Paopao failed in Ottawa. Couldnt win with Joseph and Flick and Perry and a lot of other Riders. But Saskatchewan wins the Grey Cup with them.

If you love Paopao so much. Please do this. Bring him back to BC. With Paopao in BC and Macocia in Edmonton we will do this. Watch Saskatchewan and Calgary play for 1st place every year.

Charly Taaffe Won Coach of the year , when he stepped into a turnkey operation in Montreal. Tillman Walked into a team ready to win it all. ANd then he got help from Desjarden. HOW could he loose.? And why is there no team in Ottawa??

When's the next Banjo Bowl? Riders will get smoked by the Bombers and then there goes the genius of Tillman down the drain. You heard it right here, first. Remember. Not that I like the Bombers but just saying, sounds like Riderland is getting a tad cocky in their boots these days. :wink:

Tillman deserves praise and contract extension. He has always been a good manager at college, BC and Ottawa (despite difficult conditions). Also he is lucky to inherit decent personnel from previous management. But still too early to declare Tillman as manager of 2008. 3 games aren’t indicative of entire season and might be misleading. Tillman doesn’t win back-to-back grey cups and no team has done that for years.

How come tillman keeps getting fired??

thanks nice to know I can compete in both events and win!LOL

Typical BS. Other than Ottawa. Where was he fired?

Lions and Argos.

Austin asked the wrong question. The right question is, who in football hasn't been fired?

The Don? Whatever happened in edmonton doesnt count.

Was ackles ever fired?

Hugh Campbell?

It was a rhetorical question, but off the top of my head ...

Wally - Calgary

The Don - Saskatchewan (other places, he became "sick" and "retired" before he could be fired)

Ackles - I don't know, but he had been around with several teams in NFL, XFL. Don't know if every move to a different team was because of his own choosing ...

Hughy - maybe, again, don't know