Eric Tillman chats with Eric Crouch???

Rumor has it Eric Tillman has been under pressure to bring in a fresh quarterback after the Riders lost back to back games to the Lions and the stellar passing of Buck Pierce. Tillman liked the idea of bringing in Eric Crouch since they share the same first name and Nebraska is a lot like Regina. Tillman was quoted as stating that bringing in Crouch would make it easier to remember the name of his latest starting player in what has been a merry-go-round of starters for the Riders this year.

See, from turkeybend, it's funny...

BC might take a look at him...oh wait, you have Shivers as your player personnel manager... so much for that... :cowboy:

No its not. The only posts of Turkey's that actually have some use are the ones that you can actually have a real discusion with.

I sense some green tinted goggles in this thread.

Thanks guys. I only started this ridiculous thread to prove a point. Its funny how many SFL (Sask football league) fans will find this offensive but not Turkey's threads.

What exactly tells you that SSK fans were offended?
I dont see anything that would back that up

It isn't offensive. But it isn't funny either. You left your wit in your other pants, or what?

Copy what Arius said...nothing offensive or witty in this thread...

Well, just to avoid the bias call, I'll give Mervin a pity laugh. Hahaha That was a good one, Swervy! :thup:

See, I laughed at that :wink:

see.. guys like Swervin Mervin and Turkeybend need to be banned for life.

Tillman maywant to reconsider after tonught LMAO!

I couldn't agree more probably the 2 people on this forum that keep people away with their utter stupidity, they are a burden on the forum and never EVER have anything constructive to say, EVERY single post they make they are 1) making stuff up 2) trolling