Eric Tillman a "Snake"?

In the last 3-4 of days, I have heard Eric Tillman being referred to as a snake. Can anybody tell me what he has done? Im not saying he is or isnt im just wondering why some people think he isnt trustable, and why he is being called that.

That's a good question, I was wondering about that myself.

I think the problem is that he is all things to all people when the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, smiling, saying what people want to hear, but behind the scenes, not such a nice guy.
Which is why someone like Roy Shivers, who defines the term straight shooter, doesn't like him.
And I can say the exact same thing about Hopson, so those two will get along great (if one doesn't cut the others throat in the middle of the night).

At the end of the day, I have nothing against Tillman. He gets his chance to perform.
But nothing less than homeplay-off games and championships will be acceptable in the next 3 years.

I havent heard of him being referred to as a snake before this. I think those who are need to look in the mirror because there is obviously something wrong with them.

tillman is a snake, look at this farud gig when he was on sportsnet, he would sugarcoat every negative situation and act like a choir boy on camera, because he was desperate for a front office job and wanted to kiss every owner's @ss. Tillman is a joke, instead of being a real journalist and giving legit insight into the league and being truthful, he gave little insight and was horrible as a journalist. Honestly, what scoops did he ever give on the cfl? none, because he wanted to kiss up to everyone, tillman is pure fake, and why would the riders wanna hire someone who refused their job offer in the past baffles me.

Sounds like nothing but opinion to me...

its my opinion and im sticking to it, honestly i feel sorry for riders fans, they are gonna witness tillman sink the ship like he did in ottawa.

I've never heard him called a snake, but Cal Murphy called him a "red-hair pissant" when he signed one of the Bomber free agents...

Never trust a red-haired snake. I am a Cal Murphy fan, and if the "kindly" Coach don't approve of the guy, that's good enough for me.

iceman/playmaker, look into the reasons Tillman declined that job in the past, eh?

I'll give Tillman a full season as Rider GM before I go around tar and feathering him, thanks.

Im willing to give Tillman the benefit of the doubt for now... but make no mistake, if the Riders dont improve on the field, he wont last here very long. IMO, Tillman will be on a very short leash with the fans and the Rider Board of Directors. As Shivers found out, it doesnt take us Rider fans long to turn on a GM or coach....

It is a fact, Tillman used his position with sportsnet to get himself another gm gig, all he did was whine about his finacial situation in Ottawa, make excuses why he didn't draft Cleremont, and act like all the players he found were the greatest to ever play the game of football.

...Tilman will do great things in Riderville...if you have a 7 year patience cycle....he blasts onto the scene...and then fades away...till the wheels drop off....good luck Rider fans...Tilman is a the 'bullcrap' field... :lol:

So, because he was on TV, the Rider BoD got s.uckered that he was wonderful? And not only that, but no one knows his history except a few people on this board? :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

I would suggest that the BoD, who run the team, have a pretty good idea of his history, and why they hired him, and that it wasn't because he was a TV personality whining about his financial situation.

those who call tillman a snake are full of it.

tillman is one of the good guys, screw murphy.

Hmm ok, thanks... It seems like about 2/3s of people think he is a fake. Interesting...

Tillman was GM in BC when they won the GC in 94 and GM in Toronto when they won in 96&97.
Didn't get it done in Ottawa because the owners didn't have the bread, he was spending 2.6 mil while most of the rest of the GM's were playing with 4 mil. He'll do alright.

2/3 of the people's IQ is lower than the other 1/3 of the people's IQ :twisted:

You're Full of #!@#$

I think he's going to turn this team around and get real coaches and replaces the guys who don't want to play with even better guys who DO want to play!

I think Tillman hasn't been given a fair shake yet, considering he came in part way through the season. I think he has been treated like an outsider in the Riders organization so he's probably stepping aside for the remainder of this season and let Barrett finish off what he started.

Tillman will have an impact on this team in the off season, now that it is over.