Eric Rogers?

Does anyone know what is going on with former CFL receiver Eric Rogers? After the 2015 season, he signed with the 49ers. He got injured in training camp in 2016, and was released by the 49ers in May of 2017, after not having played due to the injury.

He seems to be a free agent at the moment. Has he recovered from his injury? Is he waiting for an NFL offer?

Johnny would love to see him back in the CFL, especially with his Als! :slight_smile:

If Johnny wanted more talent on the Als roster, he could consider one time great RB, Corey Sheets.

He is looking for a job. Shocked no CFL team could make room for him.

He had a try out in Ottawa, but was rejected.

BTW, does Johnny miss Duran Carter ?

I know Als fans were pissed off with him, but that guy is a machine.

I have heard "rumors" that Rodgers has been approached by multiple teams but is still waiting on some interest down south. I would suspect we will hear something more within a couple weeks.

Oh yes! Our head coach released him, because he didn't want to deal with Carter. Johnny would prefer Carter had stayed, and our head coach leaves!

The Alouettes need a playmaker at receiver. Someone who can stretch the field. Johnny admires Nik Lewis, but he is limited nowadays. There is only so much a 3 yard pass, with 4 additional YAC yards can do for an offense.

This is Lewis' final season. He deserves to play it out. But, an upgrade is needed for next season.

I'm not sure what you are talking about here? Eric Rogers tryout with Ottawa was before he signed with Calgary the first time, not now. He has not fully recovered from his injury yet, but is close. Then I would assume he would try to catch on down south as he had 15 contract offers in the NFL after his last Stamps season.

Of course the knee injury may scare off most of those potential suitors. If he does heal, and wants to play down the stretch in the CFL it will be with Calgary.

Would seem he is speaking of Sheet....not Rodgers. Als have good RBs already, and I actually thought it was the Als who worked out Sheets

As the saying goes "Running Backs are a dime a dozen" . There are literally hundreds of good ones available on the market at any given time . Sheets is also now 32 which in RB terms is relatively ancient for the position and usually past their shelf life . The Alouettes or any other team for that matter could pick up a brand new fresh one with half the mileage on them and also anywhere from 8 to 9 years younger then him at half the price it would cost to sign up a Corey Sheets .

The guy is a machine provided he is kept involved. Reed and Chapdelaine had no clue how to handle him.
Chris Jones has Carter involved in the offense, ST and even the odd play as a DB.
Hats of to Jones.

Sadly as long as Reed and Chaps are involved and Carter was still with the Als, his ugly side would more than likely prevail.

Yes everyone. I was talking about Sheets, who tried out in Ottawa.

Yet as BOBO pointed out, he is perhaps past his exp date.

Sorry, did not mean to derail the thread.

Back OT,

I am sure the Stamps have the rights to Rogers.

The 49ers have pruned their roster following the draft. Rogers was a ballyhooed signing out of the CFL, but ended up missing all of 2016 with a torn ACL. Now 26, Rogers will have trouble getting another NFL opportunity. May 2 - 2:17 PM
Paid $483,000 in 2016. Has no takers or lookers in NFL as of today.

Red Flag signing for any CFL team. Better for much less!!!!!!!!!!!

They can't

Dime a dozen? I have always laughed at that. You understand that more DEs and DTs, for example, graduate each year right? Yet those...especially DEs....can be prized signings.

Off-Topic for those interested in Rogers:

Yes and no on "dime a dozen" for running backs, and the scouting is vastly different for defensive line than for running back.

However many defensive linemen graduate, which are greater in number than running backs because the term covers 4 positions per team instead of only 1 position when you exclude the now rare fullbacks, far fewer defensive players at the college level have the frame, pass-rushing skills, and elite athleticism to play on the defensive line at the pro level these days than the number of prospects at running backs.

This is why in the NFL the first round is loaded with picks for top defensive players, which in the last decade have come dominantly from the SEC conference plus Clemson and Florida State in the ACC.

Running backs? They come from everywhere including beyond FBS, the top NCAA division. They are also drafted less in the first round than ever.

Selecting which running backs will be elite is a whole other discussion best left to pro scouts, but any more with passing offenses dominating more than ever even in the NFL, it seems like quite a crap shoot to pick up a running back with elite staying power as opposed to many top prospects at defensive lineman who indeed do turn out to be top defensive linemen for years. There have been many notable first-round busts at running back of players who were at the top of their game in college in the NFL draft over the years.

Consider for example this list from the NFL after week one for running backs.

On how many names of the first 30 or so in any given week do you draw a blank?

Let's note we take out the high-profile names out of college selected in the first round who are anything but a dime a dozen given their profiles, the remaining guys made the cut against immense odds after others ground it out in training camp after making it to camp in the first place. Then we have all the countless running backs still out there who were whatever in college at various levels in the US who have not made it to an NFL camp, but when you meet any one of these guys still training you run into excellent athletes.

These guys indeed are a dime a dozen for sake of base athletic potential for the position and are still working out as hard as ever to merely try out for teams, but it's a crap shoot to determine which can adapt to a pro offence, which will then develop into feature backs who carry for a solid yards per carry who can block and catch and make rosters, and most of all which will have staying power for the position given their higher risk of injury as ball carriers.

Let's note unlike at the defensive lineman position, with some of them having staying power well into their late 30s, age 28 or so any more is often "old" for a running back especially if the player has had thousands of carries between college and pro football.

At age 28 or so but for the most elite running backs, teams are looking at countless younger options for the future.