Eric Rogers signs with 49ers

There are multiple reports this morning of Eric Rogers signing a two year deal with the 9ers. ESPN is also reporting that he considered at least 13 other offers after shopping around the league.

Two bad for the CFL since he had an outstanding, All Star season with the Stamps, but it also makes the league look pretty good that it can recruit talent like his.

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Big loss for the league.

Eric Rogers: $200,000 in bonuses and $100,000 in guaranteed money.
Duron Carter: $0 in bonuses and $25,000 in guaranteed money.

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Nice. One of the best in CFL

Left with class, nice to see.

Yeah he did. Not one to burn bridges.

...I wish him well, he was a great player here and hopefully he continues down south to perform well...but stepping into the current 49ers situation with Chip Kelly taking over the HC role, a QB controversy and a front office that is highly dysfunctional might not be fun...the niners will be bottom dwellers of the NFC West for some time to come...

Gives him a better chance to be part of the solution. Look at Duron Carter chose to go to a contender and ended up watching from the stands.

I just read 540g and 575g next yr with a 125 signing bonus.