Eric Norwood retiring

I don't know how to post a link with my phone but, 3 down nation is reporting that Eric Norwood has decided to retire because of the ware and tare foot ball has done to his body.
He was one of my favorite players when he was a Ti-cat and I wish him the best in his future.

here is the link

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In his three seasons with Hamilton, Norwood amassed 114 tackles and 24 sacks in 42 games. His best year came in 2014 when he appeared in 15 games and had 13 sacks on his way to being named an East Division all-star.

Torn ACL's are just too hard to recover from. Players are seldom the same after an injury and 6 months of recovery.
It's a shame about Fantuz and Chris Williams. It's hard on a guy like Fantuz who relies on cuts and moves to get open.
Norwood has to do a lot of spinning and driving on that is hard on a rebuilt ACL

What a treat to watch Eric Norwood when he played for the Cats!

It’s a question of what might have been had he not been injured.

All the best to him in the future.