Eric Lapointe

In BC, Eric Lapointe gets the and runs 9 yards with it. Then he goes back to the sideline and don't touch the ball for the rest of the game.

Yesterday, Lapointe gets the ball and runs 17 yards. Then he gets the ball a second time and runs 9 yards. And then he goes back to watching the game. No more touches.

Does that make any sense to anyone here? If we've got one guy getting yards and playing with heart, why do we let him rot on the sidelines? I don't mind that he's on the verge of retirement and that Robert Edwards is more expensive. If something works, keep doing it !

Your thoughts?

Totally agree; this team lacks heart, desire and intensity. At least Lapointe has some, so use him.

Totally agree; this team lacks heart, desire and intensity. At least Lapointe has some, so use him.

lapointe was the answerlast year maybe hes the answer this year!!!

What about Dedrick?

Same thing. Diedrick is used once per game. What good can anyone be with one touch?

I agree. Lapointe has this yesr had great yardage when he was played-not enough.As I have noted Lapointe is quicker to get to the hole than is Edwards.Lets hope The Als do as last year and Let Lapointe lead they thtrough the finals.

I hope so, but you have to remember that Lapointe became the #1 rusher, when R.edwards got hurt (ribs) at the East Final game last year vs T.O. in their house.

Who knows if we would have beaten T.O. if R.Edwards wasn't hurt, and Lapointe didn't jumped in !

I just remember being there and enjoying it every time Lapointe was handed the ball & scored a TD !

Hey T&T, remember that day ?!? :lol:

I attended an Als game this year against winnipeg. Lapointe (who is a good friend of mine) got the ball twice in a row, picking up 17 and then 9 yards. On 2nd and short they gave the ball to Edwards, who fumbled it away. Lapointe didn't see another offensive rep.

Why don't they use him more? he pretty much single-handedly got them into the Grey Cup last year, and is more consistent when he runs the ball.

He is the most underrated RB in the CFL.

I saw the same thing when he was Hamilton. Lapointe can play.

The first tackler would rarely bring him down and he'd almost always drag the second tackler for 2 or 3 yards.

I love his game and was sorry to see him leave Hamilton