eric harris

Eric had a monster game for us kudos to him TD, SACK .INT , PASS DEFLECTION

He's a gamer. Just dont line him up at safety.

His father also passed away last week. Incredible game, given the circumstances.


Great Game Erik on both sides of the ball and our condolences on the passing of your Father, I'm sure he was looking down at you yesterday in your great performance on the field for the Tiger-Cats!!

We'll get the Win next time!!

What is his arm strength? Can he make multiple reads in the pocket?

Check the "Note" at the bottom of this page:

Did Garney Henley ever sack a QB?
Had he played in this era, I'm sure he would have.



Great pic Grover!

I've always been a big fan of Erik. He is a great player and an amazing person. My sincere condolences on the passing of his father. I'm sure his father is very proud of him for the man he is and not just his on-field success.

A great game for him...he gave me hope throughout the game for the rest of the team.

Harris is a throw back to the golden days of the Cats. Tony Curcillo was a quarterback and linebacker. Zuger was a DB and a QB. Sutherin and Goldston were DBs and running backs. Eric would have been a welcome addition to those great teams. :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

A picture of him from today's game, chasing down Slaton.

He didn't get credit for the tackle, but I seem to remember that he was in on it.

Thats not him, Thats Taylor Reed number 44.

Crap. You're right. So not the play I was thinking of either. :oops:

Nice picture, though.

Definitely a great picture nonetheless.. love seeing these pics. Really wish i went.