eric england?

what happened to eric after he was released? did he retire, resign somewhere?

i can't remember hearing anything and i can't seem to find any answers.

i posted this on the argos forum but got nothing. he had a great season in 2006 and i'm sure he was a causualty of the SMS.

so why is he not on the FA list or even on's player profile list?

p.s. i posted this on the argos forum but got nothing.

I read after he was "officially released" the Argos left the door open how Eric can join them after the FA period, if he does not sign with another team, and compete for a position.

Just like Carl Kidd who has had no offers yet, (Any one surprised?) the older players will not get offers under the new salary cap. Look at some of the vets available on defense, Kidd, Nate Davis, England. I'll bet as training camp gets closer they will either retire or sign on with some team for a bargain basement price.

Didn't Chubby Nate sign with the Bombers?

I believe that was Andrew Greene.

I think Nate is still available.

I'm waiting for one of the expansion dreamers to start a thread...With all the Free Agents available, How about a Team in Yellow Knife! :roll: :roll:

Whoa whoa whoa Sportsmen, don't give them any ideas!!!!!

And everybody's been wondering how Ottawa would get stocked...