Eric England released...

Based on the story on the front page of this website… Eric England was released by the Argos… almost certainly a salary cap decision as he signed a big contract last year…

That would be a nice addition to the DLine.

I`ll take a healed Cotton and Cheatwood . I think we are fairly solid at that position and we also have depth .

RJ Soward was also Cut

We do not need Captain Popcorn.

I think England would be an improvement for the Ticats at DE if he was in a 3 man rotation to keep him fresh in the hot weather.

I think England Could play inside..

We already have a god third man, Collier. I think he did a good job when called upon.

Collier is younger than England and just as good.

"Soward was considered to be one of the fastest offensive weapons in his three years with the Argonauts. The former first round NFL draft pick recorded a touchdown once in every four receptions, with a total of 48 receptions for 785 yards and 11 touchdowns over three seasons as a Boatman."

I really he was use that well in Toronto..
He could Surprise you..
His Fire Power could help us..

I have the same problem with Soward as I do with Copeland. The guy is all jaw and no game. and 785 yards over 3 seasons is what? less than 300 yards a season? Huge improvement over what we have now. Also, Soward is getting long in the tooth too, everyone seems to think he's just a kid, but no, he's a grown man with a bad 'tude.

what harm dose do giving him
a Camp Invite??

If dose not fit we cut his ass..
We need a #1 WR Badly...
This open DJ & Brock and who ever else is here.

If we need a #1 receiver, we're not going to find it in Soward. Giving people a camp invite is all about improving the football team, or giving players the chance to make an impression. As far as I'm concerned, Soward has made his impression, and let's just say im not impressed.

England can still play at a high level but he's 35 and makes $90k. Probably not a good fit for a rebuilding team.

An Argo fan

Cotton was a huge dissapointment last year and one of the guys who was going at less than 100% in my eyes.He should get no favous at training camp. Come ready to play or your gone......unfourtuneatly Eric England by that time will be likely singned.

IMHO Collier was easily the best of our three defensive ends next year. I know one thing. Cheatwood will learn to stop the dumb penalities or he won't be playing in Hamilton much longer. Accountability means putting the team first. As for England, a lot will depend upon the DC, as this guy will have to decide if we use 4 down lineman or go 3-4. Should be interesting.

That’s debatable if any of three Ticat DE’s are as good as England. If they are now its because he has slowed down with age.

Where Fine with are 3 DE's we have
inside we need Help.. DT Spot..