Eric Deslauriers

Deslauriers was released by the NFL and will hoprfully be an Alouette soon. He is a big receiver and was the Als first choice in the Canadian draft in 2006. Perhaps he will be the answer to the receiver problem with the Als.

This is good news for the Alouettes. He has a lot of potential. I don't think the Als have a receiver problem though. We will though, have a better idea of what the new guys can do tonight.

Can he coach ? :roll:

Sounds like a done deal on Deslauriers. After watching the routes that were called last night, we need all the big bodies we can get at receiver. Thurmon will help. Sean Coffey might be an option. And it'll be fun to see what Deslauriers can offer, too, at 6'4", 215 lbs.

Hes pretty swell