Eric Crouch playing for Toronto Argonauts! (finally)

Just read this on the front page of the sports section of the "Omaha World Herald"

Apparently Crouch attended a practice yesterday (wednesday). According to the artical, "barring the unforeseen, Crouch likely will sign with the a Argos in the next few days".

The GM of the Argonauts Adam Rita was quoted as calling Crouch a "cross between CFL Hall-of-Famer Matt Dunigan and veteran Argos quarterback Damon Allen" after watching a 45 minute throwing session at Rogers Center.

The artical pointed out that since Allen is 42 and going into his 22 CFL season, they are looking to groop his successor. "Crouch, 27 said he feels strongly that he can be -- and wants to be -- that player".

The coaches commented on how good Crouch's "arm strength" and overall passing looked. His ability to run the ball has never been in question!

THink that this Nebraska hero will be a GREAT fit up north.

So this guy can throw the long ball, very good news for TO and the League.

His game sounds pefectly suited to our game here. Will be interesting to see if he can adapt to CFL rules if he makes the Argos.

the guy is very smart and a learner. I would think that he'll adapt well.

Really liked watching him play. The guy is big, powerfull, fast, smart, and can throw the ball! All good qualities in a QB.

Having him work under Damon Allen to boot.... that is the best way for a talented player such as Crouch to learn the game. I'd say he'll play a back up role for the 2006 season, with some nominal time, but spending most of his energy behind the scene. After the season Allen will retire, and Crouch will take the main spot.

Wow, you guys are way too positive. He had his chance in the NFL to be QB, and he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Wide open in NCAA is different than wide open in the NFL, or CFL. Do me a favor i don’t know if you have espn classic, but ask tsn to replay the National Championship game a few years ago and refresh your memory. I hope for his sake he makes it. I think it gives Toronto another person to create a draw and this is exactly what they are doing it. Andre Rison, same boat pardon the pun.

I will take Damon Allen in 2012 than Crouch in 2006 believe me. I can see if they put him at receiver or cornerback.

Oh he can throw the long ball, yeah right into the defensive backs hands :smiley: . Nice try Toronto

Hey Al’s fans this is great news i can’t wait to see Crouch at the helm in a few years at the Rogers Centre and hear the boo’s as Crouch throws his 4 th pick.

He was at the Toronto Raptors game with Pinball, and they were expected to sign him in the coming days. They also talked about the Stop The Violence campaign on an interview with Norma Wick.

You may be right....but I would rather have him than Nealon Greene, Michael Bishop or Tee Martin

[url=] ... 4-sun.html[/url]

The Argos like what they see so far in Eric Crouch. In fact, they see a player who reminds them a lot of Matt Dunigan.

Whether Crouch, a Heisman Trophy winner in 2001 with the University of Nebraska, develops into another Dunigan, who recently was selected to enter the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, time will tell.

"I just want to play football," he said yesterday following a workout yesterday at an indoor sports complex in Oakville. "I want to get on the field and let things fall into place and prove myself. That's the first thing I have to do."

Crouch worked out in front of various Argos onlookers, including starting quarterback Damon Allen, who provided some pointers to Crouch.

"He has a strong arm," Allen said. "He reminds me a lot of Dunigan throwing the football. It's very close. Dunigan was strong and threw a heavy ball and even the size is very similar. He could be the modern-day Dunigan."

At 6-foot, 201 pounds, Crouch is slightly taller and heavier than Dunigan, who played for 14 years in the CFL, but possesses a similar quick release.

Crouch battled criticisms about his arm strength during his university career and his ability to transfer it to the pro level. The St. Louis Rams selected him as a receiver/return specialist in the 2002 NFL draft. He walked out on the team after the first regular-season game because of a lingering ankle injury from university. He hasn't had a realistic shot to showcase his skills as a quarterback with various pro teams since then, but the Argos are giving him the chance. Many people believe his mobility is tailor-made to the CFL game.

"I know I've got a strong enough arm for this game and once I get a chance to build myself with a receiver corps and spend some time with them, it'll be money," he said. "I really believe it will be a good situation. I'm a competitive person and I help to bring those qualities out in other people ... My goal right now is to get in the best shape of my life and to get the playbook as fast as I can."

Crouch has given the Argos optimism about his potential.

"We'll take it to the next level and see, but we're happy with what we saw today," assistant GM Greg Mohns, who has been tracking Crouch for three years, said.

The 27-year-old Crouch has been on and off the Argos' negotiation list since 2000.

With Michael Bishop under contract but currently in the Arena League with Chicago and uncertain whether he wants to back up Allen again, the Argos are addressing their quarterback needs. Besides auditioning Crouch, the team is talking to Winnipeg and Saskatchewan about acquiring a quarterback in a trade.

glad to see it in the papers up there....

Please keep me informed if any of you hear any news in reguards to him.


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A poll asking if he will have a succesful career.

I don't know Argos1 i would take Bishop, or Tee Martin over Crouch. These players have professional experience. I hope the Argos don't get Bishop so the Al's can pick him up.

Does anyone know what Crouch was like in US college. Today's article said he had a strong arm, out of the Matt Dunigan mould. If that is close to being the truth, then he is a keeper.
As for Bishop, I am one of the few who think he has all kinds of potential and should be a lock to replace Allen. He has the best arm I have seen in FOOTBALL. Still, it would be good to have both of these guys for my Argos.

I remember Couch in college, you don't win the Heisman trophy as a QB because all you can do is run. You have to understand that Couch came out of a program that was run to the right, run to the left, run up the middle and lets run some more. He never got a chance to pass much but when he did pass he got it to the receiver. COUCH IS A PERFECT FIT FOR THE CFL, I just wish he would have come here a couple of years ago. You won't be disappointed ,argotom, this guy can run like Flutie and with time pass like Allen. I wish the Lions had him.

Daddy thanks for the info. I am looking forward to seeing him in action.

so do the argos still want a great qb like greene for there backup?
please take him,please

Okay enough with Crouch the guy is a stiff. Do you know how many Heisman trophy winners become nobodies. Remember Gino Torretta, Jason White, Danny Wuerfell, Chris Weinke, Ty Detmer and Andre Ware all won the Heisman and stunk it up in the pros. Success in college doesn't always translate into success in the pros. The year he won the Heisman was a weak class, Joey Harrington(NFL bust), Ken Dorsey(Backup). Honestly the report that Eric Crouch has an arm is false. Maybe he stole the late Johnny Unitas arm at his funeral and transplanted it. The only thing people remember are his big runs, but i remember his awful passes. One thing i can say is a sure bet out of all Heisman trophy winners of alltime he got to have the worst arm.

whosyourdaddy, he can run like Flutie even better than Flutie, BUT please show a little more respect for Damon Allen, this guy cannot throw a football like Damon Allen. Ask any Nebraska CornHusker fan, his arm is just not professional caliber.

I hope he successful i met him in New York in 2001 when he won the Heisman very nice person, but i don't think he has the ability to be a QB

apparently he’s been spending a great deal of time recently working with a “professional qb coach in california” according to the Omaha World Herald artical. He’s focusing on building arm strength, throwing accuracy and other areas that he didn’t get coaching on at Nebraska. His running and leadership abilities have NEVER been in question, or less then obvious. His ability to throw the ball though, has been underdeveloped.

From the way the coaches and Damon Allen talked, this is NO LONGER THE CASE! Forget what you remember seeing of his arm 5 years ago on TV. He’s a different guy, with different coaching, and with additional skills.

Once he learns the ins of the game, he should be a class act up there.

On a side note, I would not put it past him to stay in the CFL as a huge success for quite a few years, just to show the NFL that they were wrong, and to reward the good faith that the Toronto Argos have shown in trusting his abilities. He’s the sort of guy that values trust and respect, and rewards those around him that show it to him…

On a side note, I’m working on a letter to send to the major cable providers across Nebraska with the names and teams that various former nebraska players ar on. I hope that this will give them the incentive to carry stations that have the CFL on them!

Maybe Crouch’s signing with the Argos (fingers crossed!) will benofit me personally! Thank you Eric! :slight_smile:

Eric Crouch has signed a two year contract with Argos with an option on a third.
He will IMO be brought along slowly (unless Damon gets hurt) which will enable him to learn without alot of pressure. Most running QB's like Eric can put quite a bit of pressure on a defense in the CFL and this opens up the passing lanes or cause coverage to break down. I don't think the Argos will try to make a pocket passer out of him at first, but will let him play to his strengths as a roll out passer. Allen, Dunnigan and Tracey Ham to name a few great CFL QB's all began their careers as roll out QB's to by time and pressure the defenses. The pocket passing will come later with experience and age.

Well then, why can't that Tee Martin seem to do it in the CFL? Isn't he a great athlete too that can run and has a good arm? Or is he maybe just missing too much upstairs to be a quality qb?

I like it when people answer their own questions. :slight_smile: