Equivalent to 40 yard times for qb

Ok, running backs and receivers, kick returners are judged, at least to a certain degree, by their 40 yard times. What I would like to see is some sort of a measurement for a qb's passing velocity like a baseball pitcher's fastball or the 40 yard sprint. Of course wouldn't tell the whole story again but it would be interesting to have these numbers.

Anyone know if this data has ever been published for qb's?

I would like to see stats on the success rate
of QBs hitting moving targets with their passes.

[which they did at the 'CFL QB challenge' each year]

Are those numbers published?

That would be interesting ron. I would like to see 3 throws though for moving targets, one real fast, a zip pass to needle it through, one with a little arc just over a linebacker type of thing touch pass, and the last one a big arc, dropping it "in the bucket" sort of thing. And then get a figure from these 3 types of passes.