Equipment Costs

Does anyone know how much a standard NFL or CFL uniform costs to make? That's pads, helmet, uniform, cleats, everything.

I'm looking for a range between high and low if you know it.

Yes good question and taking it further, what would be the annual cost for equipment for a CFL team.

I Got This From Marchant's Wholesale Catalogue

Strike Force Shoulder Pads
For LB, O-Line, & TE

For RB, FB, & DB

Battle Gear Shoulder Pads
For LB, Linemen, & TE

For RB, FB, & DB

For QB & WR

Neck Rolls
12.25, 16.25, 17.25

Knee Pads

Thigh Pads

3-Piece Hi-Rise Girdle Insert

Short Girdle


28.85, 39.95, 38.75, 43.75, 47.00, 58.50

23.25, 25.25, 24.30, 43.90, 52.00, 64.80

1.75, 1.95


If You Have Any Questions On The Specificts On Any Of Those Products Just Ask, I Didn't Want To Go Into Great Detail Cause I've Been Drinking Anf Most People Don't Care Anyhow. Those Prices Are From A Wholesale Catalogue That The Missasaga Based Distributer Delivers To Public Schools. I'm Sure The CFL Gets A Better Rate Through Their Sponsors, Through Marchant's You Generally Get 6% Off If Ordering 6-10 Of Each Idem, And 12% Off If Ordering 11+.

uhm .. the cost is 100% dependant on what brand name, and model# for each piece of equipment ...


I think he was just giving an example.

i'm aware it was an example ... I was more or less aluding to the question being a lot too vague. As the equipment that was listed is utter garbage, and no pro athlete would be caught dead wearing any of it. (Not to mention everything listed was youth).

If the type and quality of the equipment doesnt matter - then you could probobly find everything you need at a garage sale for $50 bucks. If quality does matter, then its gunna be quite a bit different. And then brand name, and model #s will matter.


Thanks for going to all that trouble Bamboo. Some people appreciate it

HE forgot Helmets though, whcih I think are the most costly piece of equipment, I could be wrong though

Helmets are there, Billy.....149.95....

My bad. I have been in BC for the last month remember

149 sounds a bit cheap for a riddell helmet … this must be youth equipment.

Helmets are for wienies. Just ask Ben Rothlesberger. Oh, we are talking about something else.

They play without helmets in BC.... imagine that...

if it doesnt have a nozzle to wrap your lips around........I wouldnt take anything sambo and 05 have to say too seriously......

I dimly remember one of the articles about the Gliebermans providing an inventory list to potential buyers prior to their club folding detailed equipment costs/value for a CFL team. Given the rest of the week off with no kids, no wife, no dog, etc., I'm sure I could find it.