Équipe d'entraîneurs des Alouettes-coaching staff

It's a promotion, I think. He was the equipment manager last year. Quite pleased with this. Shows the team recognizes the need to support Archambault and not stretch him too thin.

Same thing was said about Brian Chui and Oline. Absolute failure.
Anyway Emry has a business in Van dealing with men's depression which plagues him.
Not sure where Cox is at.
But if "nobody can tell you" well....you could be right.

Personally I'd love to see Chip back and give coaching a try. It's funny though as I can never remember hearing or seeing him talk.

I'd probably go after Mark Nelson. I think he's with EE as a training camp coach. An older guy now but has done it all including STC, DC, LB coach. Could be a useful guy with these young coaches in Montreal