Équipe d'entraîneurs des Alouettes-coaching staff

The Argos have picked 4 former Als coaches for their staff:

Mike Miller - QBs - Was Dan Hawkins' offensive co-ordinator
Kris Sweet - OL- Was a little too hard-ass for our liking
Mickey Donovan - ST - No comment necessary
William Fields - DBs - Was asst. DB coach in 2016

The Argos can have all of them!


Kris Sweet... Another one of the recycled old boy's club.

Trevor Harris mentioning him here is the 1st time I think Lionello's name has ever been mentioned as an Als assistant.

“I really enjoyed playing for (head coach/offensive co-ordinator) Khari Jones and (offensive assistant) Mike Lionello – those guys helped me a lot. (Quarterback) Matthew Shiltz was instrumental in helping me out. I loved throwing the ball around to Jake (Wieneke), Geno (Lewis), Reggie White, Quan Bray and Kaion Julien-Grant. Those guys were all awesome, it’s a tremendous group. It was an opportunity to let it all hang it out and play some good football. I had fun.”

Is he just being nice or is he trying to tell the Als he is interested in a new contract offer?

Trevor Harris did the same previously (complement everybody) when he was interviewed by Rod Pedersen. As well as talking favorably about the Als, that article also tried to show that Harris is a versatile QB as he went from a West Coast Offense in Edmonton to more of a Spread Offense in Montreal. Anyway, Harris is smart enough to know that for someone his age who still wants to be a #1 QB, he cannot burn bridges in such a small league.

Right now, the most likely scenario is Harris goes to BC as their Plan B while Nathan Rourke is their Plan A. Jeremiah Masoli signs in Ottawa. McLeod Bethel-Thompson re-signs in Toronto.

Go over to the Saskatchewan forums okie, check out the thread "Cody not the answer?". . . talk of Harris headed to Regina.

Mind you it starts with everyone's favourite commentator, Glen Suitor, so take that for what it's worth.

Curious as to what Marty York says. . .

Je ne lis pas trop les tropics des autres équipes mais entre Fajardo et Harris je prendrais le premier sans trop réfléchir.

Fait une recherche avec le mot fajardo dans le forum des Als. Tu va en rire une shot.

In my opinion, reading a thread about Trevor Harris to the Riders would be a waste of time.

Cody Fajardo is the 2nd highest paid QB in the CFL, and the Riders have no intention of re-negotiating. So, the Riders 2nd sting QB is not going to be earning that much money.

On the other hand, Trevor Harris thinks he still is a #1 QB and expects to be able to earn starter money.

BC might have an opening.

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Edit :

Montréal, le 9 mai 2022 – Les Alouettes de Montréal ont annoncé lundi, que pour des raisons personnelles, Jeff Reinebold ne sera pas en mesure d’occuper le poste de coordonnateur des unités spéciales en 2022.

Byron Archambault, qui devait être l’entraîneur des secondeurs cette saison, a été élevé au poste de coordonnateur des unités spéciales.

«Nous sommes privilégiés que Byron a fait partie de notre équipe d’entraîneurs la saison dernière, et qu’il travaille aussi aux opérations football. Il possède donc une excellente connaissance de nos joueurs. Je suis convaincu qu’il saura élever le rendement de nos unités spéciales», a déclaré le directeur général des Alouettes, Danny Maciocia.

Archambault a débuté sa carrière d’entraîneur en tant que coordonnateur des unités spéciales des Carabins de l’Université de Montréal, de 2017 à 2019. Sous son tutorat, l’unité figurait parmi les plus productives au pays.

Très mauvaise nouvelle.

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Ah, crap. Reinebold must have had some serious personal issues come up to bail just before training camp.

Sigh. Hoping Archambault can get the job done.

Anxious to learn who the new LB Coach will be. Definitely not the ideal time to have changes to the Coaching Staff, but let's hope for the best.


So I'm not allowed to state I believe this is a "joke" of a hire?

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From what we read on the Alouettes site, Byron Archambault will be the Special Teams Coordinator and the linebacker coach.

I do hope that it's not the case.


We're still down a coach, though. I'd rather hire a dedicated LB coach to let Archambault focus exclusively on teams. Especially this year with the new hash mark rules potentially changing how LB units operate.

What are Shea Emry and Chip Cox doing these days? You can't tell me either of those two wouldn't be able to come in and coach linebackers.

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Pas certain de la valeur ajoutée de cette nomination. On peut se douter que son passage chez les Carabins a aidé. Au mieux ça fera un entraîneur québécois qui se développera dans un rôle plus précis, mais bon.

They are trying to build up their own people. You can't knock that, let's hope it works...

En effet, mais être adjoint en défense et sur les unités spéciales est assez nébuleux comme définition de tâche. J'aurais préféré voir quelqu'un libérer Archambault de son portefeuille d'entraîneur des secondeurs à la place.

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