Équipe d'entraîneurs des Alouettes-coaching staff

I remember an Als punt returner (don't remember who) once saying that the 2 most important blocks on a successful return are the 1st one and the last one.

And the Als (I think it was mainly Adarius Pickett who had that role) never seemed to get that initial block for the returner.

Coach Reinebold will have to find that guy, almost as important as the returner himself.


Great interview with Reinebold this afternoon on Melnick's show.

Spoiler alert: No mention of why he left the Tiger-Cats, just why he wanted to join the Als, and some great stuff on his special teams philosophy.

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He explains ST and the importance it to a team very well.

Interviewed by different members of media, Jeff Reinebold mentioned that there era good players in Montréal on special teams; beside David Côté and Joseph Zema, he did mention, amongst others, Mario Alford, Karfalla Exumé and Patrick Levels. Presently, these three players are listed as potential free agents. Does Jeff Reinebold knows more than us regarding re-signings of potential free agents? Most definitively!

As I wrote before, I am positive that at least five potential free agents have been re-signed in late December 2021, but official announcements will come in the next week to ten days. Exactly as in late December 2020 -re-signings- but announced only in early 2021.


A great coaching addition coming to Montreal and providing a very complimentary reason for doing so.

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Pas nécessairement rapport avec les Alouettes, mais je trouvais ça cool de le partager !


Je mettrais dans la section "Where Are They Now".

C est une bonne histoire!

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Je lis que Noel Thorpe ne sera pas de retour avec les ELKS en 2022.

Je ne peux m'imaginer que Danny va l'embaucher pour remplacer Baron Miles. Ce serait une très mauvaise décision. On peut s'attendre à tout avec Danny.


Noel Thorpe pourrait toujours être embauché par les STAMPEDERS qui ont "perdu" Mace, leur entraîneur de ligne défensive en 2021, aux ARGONAUTS. Thorpe pourrait être entraîneur de leur ligne défensive.

Je ne le veux pas à Montr´éal mais mon opinion/choix/souhait ne vaut pas grand chose.


That would damage Maciocia long term. As the rest of the coaching community would realize that he's imposing assistants on his HC and possibly putting the HC replacement in the "hen house".

Calgary is a nice option for him, keeps him close to his family in Edmonton.

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DeVone Claybrooks would seem to be the more logical choice for the Stamps. Claybrooks has previously mentioned that he would be fine just being a DL coach.

Should the Als somehow hire Thorpe as their DC, they could always reshuffle Barron Miles to be a position coach.

John Bowman has publicly expressed interest in directing the Als DL but with cap, it is hard to bring in inexperienced coaches.

Sammy Gahagan who supposedly was the Special Assistant to the GM/Scout in 2021 was named Director of US Scouting in Edmonton. I say supposedly because he was never listed on the team website. The one time I heard him interviewed, he was not even talking about the Als. The CFL story he told was finding a player for Chris Jones when he was a scout for the Riders.

Unless I hear from a credible news source that Thorpe is replacing Miles as DC, I am going to assume it won't happen. No reason to do it either. Miles did good work in 2022.


Ryan Dinwiddie worked with Thorpe for 3 years on the Als staff, but went with the less experienced Corey Mace as his DC.

Arash Madani said there was a disconnect between Chris Jones and Noel Thorpe all the way back when the were both in Montreal. So, Thorpe was never going to be on Jones' staff in any capacity. Mandani continues by saying Thorpe will be out this year but will eventually end up back with Danny Maciocia and the Als.

Madani sait d'une quelconque manière que Thorpe ne coachera pas en 2022 mais qu'il reviendrait à Montréal plus tard, et ce indépendamment de la performance de l'équipe au cours de la prochaine saison. J'ai de la misère à accorder de la crédibilité à cet homme.


Exactly. As if he would have known or cared what Thorpe and Jones's working relationship was in Montreal 15 years ago. Yeah, they hated each other so much Thorpe was DB coach during the entirety of his time in Montreal (in addition to being STC). :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just Madani stirring the pot with innuendo and speculation, as always.

That's not a difficult prediction to make. Khari Jones has to come out of the gate winning...Not gonna be easy with 3 of 4 games on the road out West or something similar.

Jones and Thorpe are two similar hot heads who think they are better than anyone else, so it makes sense.

He's under contract for 2022 so he's getting his full salary to stay home, so it makes sense.