Équipe d'entraîneurs des Alouettes-coaching staff

I wonder why we keep mentioning that Noel Thorpe could leave Edmonton and "surface" in Montréal.

Thorpe has a contract in Edmonton and they can't let him go just like that or ask him to take a pay cut.

Yes, he will most probably have another position with the ELKS-likely Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach-.

The ELKS will "carry" for many years the costs of "firing" their GM and Head Coach. They can't afford to fire Thorpe and Thorpe is not crazy enough to let them out of his contract. I recall when he did leave Montréal for Edmonton he was happy since he had a "sick" child and her needs were not covered by the RAMQ but were by Edmonton health care.

According to Herb, Mickey Donovan had a year to go on his contract and these costs will be deducted from the ALOUETTES funds allowed by the CFL for Football Operations, including Coaches. They cannot afford to fire Miles, who did a very good job as Defensive Coordinator.

I hope that the Coaching Staff will be settled soon, so that there are assumptions as who is coming or leaving.

It's time to re-sign potential free agents!


Looks like he could play...


If we add Calvillo and Reinebold, the ALOUETTES have 9 coaches, including Archambault who is Defensive Assistant. Could he be named Linebackers Coach?

If Reinebold is only Special Teams Coordinator, a WRs Coach will have to be added, bringing the total to ten Coaches, as presently with Calgary, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.


I think Quick would be fine coaching both DL and LB. He's an older coach who knows his business. And it might even be beneficial to have the same guy coaching our entire front-seven.

I am wondering who will coach receivers, though.

Maybe Nick Lewis who coach de RB with BC in 2019 ?

Not a bad idea, though I have no idea what Lewis is up to these days.

Thorpe is under contract for the 2022 season and you know Jones assuming he hasn't run awaywill not renew his contract beyond that, so he would be nuts to take any paycut from Chris Jones, Edmonton is eating his salary either way. He also has special family responsabilities, we likely won't see Thorpe until next season.

Good news about Reinbold, he is a high energy and experienced coach, perfect for Special Teams.

Calvillo, not a fan (as a coach) but after everything he's done for the Als. If anyone is entitled to another opportunity, it is certainly him.

Stronger staff than last season and if Jones can balance motivation with accountability, could be some good stuff coming their way.

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Assuming that he's injury free, Jeff Reinebold should try -once free agency opens and provided he's available- to convince A CB and one of the best KR Frankie Williams to sign with the Alouettes.


I know it's easy to talk about how much you've grown before you show it, but I very much appreciate AC's candor and humility.

Calvillo said when he first started coaching in 2015, he placed expectations on the players and it took him a while to realize “those athletes weren’t me in terms of dedication and all those things I put into it. It wasn’t them.

“Now I realize that when I started playing, I was very immature. I wasn’t at the same level I was in Year 18, 19, 20. As a coach, I have to ask where is my athlete at, where is he mentally? How can I challenge him to get better week in, week out? Now I have more patience, I’m going to listen to them and give them advice from there.”

Arash Madani said his sources told him that Jeff Reinebold was the fallguy for Hamilton losing the Grey Cup. Decision according to Madani, was made by someone above Orlondo Steinauer. Reinebold was told that he was not returning to Hamilton.

What Madani says would conflict with Reinebold's statement that it was his decision to decline the opportunity to return as the STC in Hamilton for 2022.

Je suis allé écrire un petit mot de bienvenue à Reinebold sur Twitter. Il a pris le temps de me remercier. Très bonne nouvelle. Les fans des Tiger Cats sont déçus.

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Can you provide a link to this Madani quote?

Très bonne embauche en la personne de Reinebold comme coordonnateur des unités spéciales. En plus d'être une amélioration par rapport à Donovan, il pourrait remplir le rôle de bad cop.

Maintenant, c'est le temps de signer des joueurs. Mine de rien le marché s'ouvre dans un mois et nous avons signé presque personne.

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Je suis également surpris qu'aucun des agents potentiels n'a ´été signé, à date. Oui, des joueurs de ligne offensive ont été signés, de même qu'Eugene Lewis mais aucun des joueurs potentiels listés le 17 décembre 2021.

Il y a toujours possibilité que certains aient été signés et que Danny en retarde l'annonce. C'est arrivé en décembre 2020 et janvier 2021.

J'ose espérer que lorsque l'embauche de Reinebold sera confirmé que Danny annoncera également le nouveau groupe d'entraîneurs pour 2022. Fini, le l'espère, les annonces au compte-goutes.



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They only annonce Reinebold

A ce rythme, la nouvelle équipe d'entraîneurs ne sera pas connue avant le début de la semaine prochaine, au plus tôt.


Reinebold is a football veteran and knows better than to through management/owners under the bus ... a classy move to take the pressure off the Ti-Cats ... it may also be that both are true ... he was going to be made the fall-guy and rather than engage further he just walked away.

I am surprised he is coming to Montreal, I really figured he would go work with the USFL or the XFL.