Équipe d'entraîneurs des Alouettes-coaching staff

Nice to have AC back in the fold, but the results of the season will be dictated by the performance of the QB, not the QB coach.

And I sense it will be Archambeault named Special Teams Co-ordinator. I can speculate just as easily as Madani and Dink & Dunk.


I gotta say, I'm really surprised by this move. I definitely appreciate having Calvillo to mentor the QBs and work with them on mechanics. It frees Khari up to focus on the offense and being a better head coach. But I do hope this isn't some kind of cloak-and-dagger move to push Calvillo into an OC or HC role should the Als struggle out the gate in 2022. KJ shouldn't be a lame-duck head coach.

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interesting choice of words...'Inherited" rather than hired when talking about Calvillo.. I don't like it at all. Really don't like it if they fire Miles for Thorpe. There is NO justification for that.

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I am really surprised Calvillo is back. I was not expecting him to be hired this year.


I don't know why they would do this, Miles defence was really good at the end of the year. They would annonce Miles fired at the same time then Donovan one.


Not even Madani or Dunk have speculated Thorpe replacing Miles. Only 2 posters here.

It ain't happening!


Miles has NOT been fired ...yet. Just speculation as Thorpe is probably going to become available.

There is more chance that if Thorpe comeback it's to be STC then DC

Absolutely no reason to turf Miles. The defense played very well after Howard's firing, though they (like the other units) need some adjustments. I cannot see Miles being let go in favor of Thorpe. The STC position is another story.

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Has to be KJ's decision tho? No?

Maybe the Als pull a MLSE trick (they are buds) and names Thorpe a "Consultant" LMAO

Who here suggested Thorpe would replace Miles?
Show me a quote?

Right now Chris Jones is hoping Thorpe walks on his own and Thorpe is waiting to be fire (paid in full)... If Jones can't fire him than Thorpe will finish his contract with Edmonton.

I am happy to see Calvillo back as QB coach. I beleive he has probably improved as a coach from his time with the Carabins. He can certainly help Adams with his mechanics and the cerebral side of the game. QB coach is also one less thing Jones will have to do. He was spread too thin last season.
I also agree there is no reason to fire Miles. If Thorpe joins the team, it should be as STC. I don't really like Reinebold, but he is a very good STC and I would accept him for that position.


Once they add Calvillo and Thorpe, this is no longer Jones staff, it becomes Maciocia staff and it becomes obvious Jones would be done in MTL after 2022.

From okie:

Should Reinebold take over special teams as claimed by Arash Madani and Justin Dunk, Noel Thorpe's potentially return to Montreal could only mean him becoming the Defensive Coordinator replacing Khari Jones' buddy Barron Miles.

Yours though could have meant Miles replacing Donovan.

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Edmonton is probably negotiating with Noel Thorpe on what is role would be in 2022. Chris Jones already said he is calling the defense. Thorpe then would probably have to take a paycut and be a position coach and/or special teams coach. That seems more likely to happen in my opinion.

However if they cannot agree to terms and the Elks fire him, he is still under contract to Edmonton and could not just double-dip and coach elsewhere. He would need approval or a release from Edmonton. I do not know if there is a standard procedure written in the coaching contracts when this happens or if this is something done on a case-by-case basis.

Of course, Thorpe could just resign and have a clean break from Edmonton. But he probably only does this if there is a handshake agreement where he becomes the Defensive Coordinator somewhere. Right now, there are no CFL openings for a DC.

Great news! Didn't like Reinebold's defense here in 2012, but he has done good work as STC for the Cats for the past few years. Excellent to have clarity at this important position early in the offseason.

Hawaii 50 :+1:

Rienebold, AC, Edmé, Lavergne our staff just upgrade a lot, hope to see the change this season !


What I especially like is that none of these moves feel crazy. They are all good, logical hires to replace departed staff and/or strengthen us where needed (Edme for Taman is a substantial upgrade IMO). Good on Maciocia. :+1:t4: