Equalization Draft?

My memory remembers an equalization draft that gave the East some players from the West. Yet when I google it, I get vague mentions that Dan Wiclum went over in an equalization draft, but not much else.. Does anyone here remember the draft? Do you think if the 85 percent winning ratio continues this season for western teams that a equalization draft should be held again?

So the teams who invest in scouting and player development should subsidize the teams that don't? Welfare is disgusting enough in society... we don't need it in football.

I don't remember any equalization draft of players. There were equalization payments years ago.

And to answer your question, no, that would be ridiculous.

There WERE equalization drafts! Apparently semi-secret doings.

From http://cfldb.ca/faq/teams/

The CFL held an equalization draft in February or March of 1987, 1988 and 1989. The 1987 draft was held in secret by the league and leaked to the press before the results could be announced. The 1987 draft was officially referred to as the Competitive Balance Plan by the league. Future equalization drafts had public rules defined before their execution.

The 1987 draft provided for the three teams in the league with the lowest records in the 1986 season to choose three players from the remaining six teams. The selecting teams were Montreal, Ottawa and Saskatchewan. The exact rules of the 1987 draft were not made public and before the leak, the league expected to explain the player movement through trades or waivers. Of the nine players selected, seven were non-imports and two were imports. It is not clear what rules were in place for teams to protect players before selections were made. Montreal withdrew from the league after the 1987 pre-season and their players were distributed to other teams in a dispersal draft.

In 1988 the bottom team in each division in the previous season (Ottawa and Saskatchewan) selected three players from the remaining six teams. Non-participating teams were allowed to protect a specified number of non-import players; the remaining non-import players were made available to the draftees. Non-participating teams could lose a maximum of one player in the draft, once a player was selected from a team, further players were not allowed to be selected from that team. In 1989 the number of players drafted per team was reduced to two and Calgary and Ottawa participated as draftees.


Giving crappy teams the ability to pilfer from successful teams goes against the nature of competition.
Improve your team's scouting, drafting, coaching, and overall player development, rather than letting other teams do it and then stealing from them.

Coming from an Argonauts fan ...who's team had not produced a quarterback from Joe Theisman all the way to Micheal Bishop

Free agency called, it wants to say hello.

I see no need in a Cap era where the cap is reasonable. It is not like when the NHL brought in cap and some teams had to increase their payroll to meet the basement of the cap.

Get better management

Argos sucked for a long time and won the cup a couple years ago
--> new management

T-cats have been horrid and made the cup last year
--> new management

Bombers have slumped and look piles better under new management
--> new management

See a trend?

Lol! I forgot about those good old equalization payments! Friggin hilarious! So are the "have" teams this year and the "have not" teams? Hahahahahahahahaha

The old Equalization drafts served the league back when most were just fighting to stay above water let alone invest in any kind of significant scouting. Heck, in those days,the Eskimos supplied QB's to half the league. Fortunately, those days are long gone and teams should be investing heavily in scouting. (although some still don't)