eq.mgr hits it big

i was just watching "pardon the interruption", an american based sports talk show on tsn, and one of their topics to discuss was "cfl fight" and even showed a clip citing george as an assistant coach
tattooing bishop with a squeeze bottle. this can't happen. does anyone think he'll actually get fined?
i think the team will have a word with him but with his long history with the club, nothing more will happen.you'd like to think that if the cfl is going to get exposure down south it shouldn't be for an eq. mgr. hitting a player over the head with a stinkin' waterbottle.

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PTI just looks for that kind of crap, so their "journalists" can argue about it. They have no credibility and is just another idiotic ESPN show that TSN has to pick up.

what types of things did they say?