Episode 2 CFL Podcast!

Hey, Our last podcast was fairly well received, so here is episode 2. A lot less stammering and repeating ourselves. This one follows our idea for a standard format more.

[url=https://soundcloud.com/joe-smith-240/tenthendcflepisode2]https://soundcloud.com/joe-smith-240/te ... flepisode2[/url]

As always, any feedback positive or negative is welcome, so feel free to comment here, or on twitter @tenthend

Enjoy CFL Fans! :cowboy:

This is hilarious. Its like Wayne's World doing a CFL show. :thup:

Thanks! we are kinda going for that feel. :rockin:

The line of the show , was the two of you trying to figure what is the opposite of "half decent" and you came up with "half bad"... Pure comedic gold. :thup: